WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers) are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They are battery-operated devices that create an inhalable, water-based mist instead of smoke. The rechargeable battery powers a heating element called an "atomizer." The element uses low heat to turn liquid in the cartridge, which contains propylene glycol, glycerin, food flavoring and nicotine, into a fog-like mist.

There are many models of e-cigarettes available. Some look like traditional cigarettes, others look similar to a pen and some even look like small flashlights. Some have LED lights, some have built-in liquid reservoirs, others have combined atomizer cartridges, some are tubular and some are even rectangular boxes. They come in all shapes and sizes and have different features for former smokers who wish to distance themselves from anything resembling a traditional cigarette or want a longer battery life and/or better performance.

It stands for a milliampere hour. In basic terms, it means that the larger the number, the longer your battery should last. So a 1000mah battery will last longer than a 650mah.

eGo threading is the threading on the outside of the battery (the threads you can see).

510 threading is the threading that is on the inside of the battery and the threading most commonly used on mechanical mods.

You need to find a battery that will not only be functional, but will be the most stress free while you transfer from analog cigarettes over to vaping. We honestly cannot answer that question for you, so we always recommend shopping around on our website for the one that best suites you. We also have this video showing the different kinda of batteries we sell.

To shop our batteries, follow THIS link.

While anything containing nicotine cannot be called 100% safe, evidence from numerous studies strongly suggests that they are magnitudes safer than tobacco cigarettes. Harm reduction experts can point to research supporting that switching from cigarettes to a smokefree product will reduce health risks to less than 1% of smoking traditional cigarettes - nearly the same as non-smokers. For tobacco harm reduction health professionals, it is misleading and irresponsible for public health officials to tell smokers that smokeless products, such as e-cigarettes, are "not a safe alternative to smoking" simply because they are "only" 99% safer and not 100% safe.

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CASAA Opinion: Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Though testing by the FDA and other labs have discovered trace amounts of tobacco-specific nitrosamines, which are known to cause cancer with high exposure, the amounts found were extremely low and unlikely to cause cancer. To put it in perspective, an e-cigarette contains nearly the exact same trace levels of nitrosamines as the FDA-approved nicotine patch and about 1,300 times less nitrosamines than a Marlboro cigarette.

The FDA currently considers e-cigarettes to be tobacco products. Originally, it claimed that e-cigarettes are being used as smoking cessation devices and therefore they needed to be regulated the same as pharmaceutical nicotine replacement therapy drugs (NRTs). In 2009, the FDA ordered customs officials to start seizing e-cigarette shipments coming into the country.

On April 25, 2011, FDA announced in a letter to stakeholders that it would not appeal the decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Sottera, Inc. v. Food & Drug Administration, stating that e-cigarettes and other products are not drugs/devices unless they are marketed for therapeutic purposes, but that products “made or derived from tobacco” can be regulated as “tobacco products” under the FD&C Act. The FDA stated that it is aware that certain products made or derived from tobacco, such as electronic cigarettes, are not currently subject to pre-market review requirements of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. It is developing a strategy to regulate this "emerging class of products" as tobacco products under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. Products that are marketed for therapeutic purposes will continue to be regulated as drugs and/or devices.

Contrary to some media reports and comments by legislators, regulation as a "tobacco product" under FSPTCA does not mean that e-cigarettes are automatically regulated in the exact same manner as tobacco cigarettes, ie., subject to PACT, flavoring prohibitions and indoor use bans nor subject to the same tax rates. However, it does mean sales of these products to minors are finally prohibited by law.

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This is the most common question on e-cigarette forums. The best answer to that question is "none" and "it doesn't matter."

Since those considering e-cigarettes are usually seeking to replace tobacco cigarettes, they are under the assumption that having the most realistic, tobacco-flavored e-cigarette will bring the most satisfaction. The truth of it is that after switching to e-cigarettes for a few weeks, the vast majority of users discover that looks ultimately don't matter - performance does. And the best performing e-cigarettes don't necessarily look anything like traditional cigarettes because they require larger batteries. And the most popular flavors with experienced users are often as far from tobacco-tasting as one can get.

One problem is that none of the tobacco flavors really taste like burning tobacco - they taste more like fresh tobacco smells and slightly sweet. So, experienced e-cigarette users will tell you that nothing tastes exactly like a burning tobacco cigarette. But, we know you won't believe us and insist on buying something that looks and tastes like a tobacco cigarette. That's ok - we've all been there!

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The resistance of a replacement heads is broken down in “ohm”. The lower your ohm, the faster the liquid will heat up. So a 1.8ohm will heat up faster than a 2.1ohm coil. Most people prefer the 1.8ohm coils because it is just warm enough without burning out the coil too fast.

Sub-Ohm is when your resistance is below 1.0ohm. Sub-Ohm is popular in the Cloud Chasers circle and requires Max-VG liquid with very low nicotine (0mg-6mg) or you will get a very strong throat hit and it is not enjoyable. Sub-Ohm is good for those looking to rebuild their own RBA and get very large clouds. Just make sure you understand Ohms Law and Battery Safety before jumping into the world of Sub-Ohming.

That is the part that heats up your liquid in the tank. Since it is a wick wrapped up in wire and heats up the liquid, it will eventually burn out and taste bad, so you will need to replace the coil (or “head” as some people call it) so you can keep tasting your liquid the way it’s supposed to be. Our replacement coil heads can be found here:

RDA stands for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer” but also goes by RBA (Rebuldable Atomizer). This is an atomizer that does not take replacement heads; but you wrap your own coils. This is what is required for true Sub-Ohming and is the reason most people buy RBA/RDAs. Make sure you are aware of Ohms Law and Battery Safety before you decide on an RBA/RDA.

A tank is the general term for the part of your device that holds the liquid. You can find a wide range of tanks on our website by following THIS LINK.


The Unflavored Nicotine is for mixing your own liquid. Just select your nicotine mg, bottle size and PG/VG mix to get started!

You can find our Unflavored Nicotine by following THIS LINK.

We recommend doing a lot of personal research on the topic. We cannot advise you on how to exactly mix your liquid, mainly because everyone has different tastes. Check out the ECF’s DIY Mixing page and find yourself a good eLiquid Calculator on Google to get yourself started

That is completely up to you. The more PG you have in your liquid the thinner it will be. That is recommended for regular tanks like a Protank or CE4 but not for dripping / Sub-Ohming. If you are planning on using it on a dripper or SubTank, we recommended you using a low nicotine mix down (0mg-6mg) with a Max VG base.

Look at your eLiquid as if it is a soup you made. If you have some that night, it’s going to be pretty good, but it is always better the next day, right? Same thing with your liquid; we recommend letting your mix steep for about 3 days (shaking it every so often) for the flavor to fully come out!

Mg is short for Milligram. Most people start out between 18mg and 24mg if they have been smoking for a long time, 6mg and 12mg if you were a social or light smoker. We recommend starting at 18mg and moving up or down for your taste.

Nicotine can oxidize, which means it can turn a dark brown color and look like it has gone bad. Your nicotine has not gone bad, it just “looks” bad now. The way to prevent that is to keep it away from sunlight, heat and excess oxygen. People will store their nicotine in the fridge or freezer for long term storage.

The liquid used in electronic cigarettes, often called E-Liquid, is usually a base mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) with flavoring and/or nicotine added according to preference.  As the vapor is inhaled by the user they are able to both taste the flavoring and absorb the nicotine that is diluted in the E-liquid, if any.

Both PG and VG are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA and EPA.  They are common ingredients found in many of the foods we eat, cosmetics we use, medications we take, and common household items such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and soap. They are also used in the fog machines used in theaters and night clubs.

PG is a very thin liquid that dilutes and carries flavors very well, making it the optimal base for mixing, but when thinned out even further by the addition of flavoring and nicotine it may produce less vapor. PG based liquids are recommended with standard tanks like CE4s, Kanger Protanks, Aspire Tanks, iClear tanks, etc.  Also, a very small percentage of the population experiences a sensitivity to PG that may present itself in a number of ways from throat irritation to skin irritation.  However, most people with this sensitivity are still able to use liquids that contain a lower amount of PG without any negative effects.

VG is a slightly sweet and very thick liquid in its pure form, which results in much higher vapor production than PG.   However, the downside to this thickness is that it may cause wicking, clogging, or burning issues in some devices if the VG concentration in the liquid is too high, which is why VG based liquids are not recommended to be used with regular tanks; this VG based liquid is what is required for Drippers and Subtanks. Also, due to the inherent sweetness of VG it tends to alter or dull the flavor slightly and reduce the amount of throat hit experienced by the user.

Ultimately, the E-Liquid mixture percentages of each user are merely personal preference based on the tradeoff between flavor, throat hit, and vapor production.  However, it is recommended for most standard devices that no more than 15-20% VG be used in the E-Liquid to provide a boost in vapor production without the negative effects of higher VG concentrations; in SubOhm systems at least an 80% VG is recommended, though some Premium eLiquid brands that manufacture 50/50 blends that work well in both drippers and standard tank systems.

Your eLiquids are going to be ready to vape. All you have to do is open the cap, fill your clearomizer and vape.
The Nicotine / Flavorings section is for the Do-It-Yourselfers; a lot of people go this route as a hobby for them. There is a good bit of information you must obtain first in order to properly mix your eLiquids. You need to know about your nicotine strength, the amount of flavoring to use and how much PG / VG is going to go in it.
You will also need to have pleanty of mixing supplies handy and to make sure that you do not use the same mixing supplies that were used in your nicotine base with your pure PG / VG.

We also suggest visiting ECF's DIY E-Liquid Forum for helpful info.

No. This myth was created by a 2009 FDA press statement regarding electronic cigarettes. The FDA tested 18 cartridges from 2 companies. Of those 18 cartridges, 1 tested positive for a non-toxic amount of diethylene glycol (approximately 1%). While diethylene glycol is occasionally used in anti-freeze, the chemical is not a standard ingredient in e-cigarette liquid and it has not been found in any other samples tested to date. 

The base liquid for e-cigarette liquid is usually propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA and EPA. While it is also sometimes found in anti-freeze, it is actually added to make the anti-freeze less toxic and safer for small children and pets. Propylene glycol is a common ingredient found in many of the foods we eat, cosmetics we use and medications we take. It is also used in the fog machines used in theaters and night clubs.


We love speaking with our customers and we are happy to answer your call to offer advice, answer questions, and even walk you through placing your order online.  We can direct you to the products you are looking for, explain how to add them to your cart, and even walk you through checkout or setting up your account.  This type of service is always free. 
However, if you choose to have us place the order over the phone for you, then an additional fee will be charged.  The reason for this is a little counterintuitive (why would we charge someone more to spend money with us?), but it really just comes down to how the order is processed. 
Essentially, when your order is placed online our software does all the work to process the order and it automatically goes into our fulfillment process. Unfortunately, this is not the case for orders placed over the phone. When placing an order over the phone all order processing is handled manually by a member of our staff.  Therefore, if you prefer to place your order over the phone a fee of at least $5.95 and up to $10.95 will be charged to cover the costs of the additional work that is required to process your order.  It also serves as a deterrent to placing orders over the phone, which means that we don't need a phone bank full of employees dedicated to taking orders, which in turn lowers our overhead and allows us to charge you less for the products you desire. 
It is often mentioned that security of personal information is one of the main reasons for placing orders via the phone. We at MyFreedomSmokes.com certainly understand the fear of allowing your personal information to get into the wrong hands and have taken every feasible step possible to prevent this from occurring. You can rest assured that all portions of our site in which personal information is entered is properly secured and encrypted for your protection. Also, when placing the order over the phone your payment information is still relayed through the same online gateway to our credit card processor meaning the transaction is no more secure than if you had placed it yourself online.

In order to keep our orders processing and shipping on schedule phone orders cannot be placed on Mondays and may not be available during some periods Tuesday - Friday.  If you are unable to reach someone to place an order when you call, please leave a message with a time that is convenient for you so that we can call you back and make sure you are taken care of properly.

If you have looked all over our website and still cannot find the part you need, we probably do not carry it or we are out of stock. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as we know that the worst thing that can happen is we not have the product you are looking for.
Don’t forget that we also have a search bar at the top right corner of this page. You can also use that as a tool to help you find your products faster.

We do ship to most places around the world; but we do ask for you to be responsible for knowing and understanding the laws regarding the importation of any products ordered into your country.  All International Shipments including products that contain nicotine will be shipped with the products clearly labeled as such. You, the purchaser assumes total liability for shipments confiscated or delayed by customs and is responsible for any duties imposed on shipments or orders. Basically, what we have come to the conclusion on is that if customs checks the package, it will be returned; if they don't check it, it will make its way though. Returned nicotine / liquid packages will not be refunded and no credits will be given.  The package may be re-shipped upon request, but will require payment of a second shipping charge to cover the cost of re-shipment.

Please contact us at support@myfreedomsmokes.com and have your tracking number or order number ready so we can immediately look into this for you.

If you provided us with the correct email address, you will receive a tracking number in your email once we print out the shipping label. Please allow 12-24hrs for the tacking number to become active and show updates.

In this situation, please email us at support@myfreedomsmokes.com with your order number, what was incorrect and the hand written time and initials that are located in the top right corner of the paper invoice in your package. We will get the situation rectified for you promptly.

On the CART page, you will find a section at the bottom of the page for you to apply your Reward Points.

First, go to the top of the page and click on “My Account”; on that page you will see all your recent orders. If you see a recent order listed along with an order number, that means it is processing and we have the order. If it is not in there, that means we do not have the order and the card was declined. Please make sure that the Billing Address you provided for us is the same that the card merchant has on file for you; if it is not, the card will be declined.
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To find VALID coupons, please visit THIS LINK.

Sadly, we do not. PayPal does not allow merchant accounts that are linked to anything related to eCigs and will terminate the account. We have offered this before in the past but we got shut down. They said the policy changed in Europe with the vaping supply store and they accept it over there, but in Canada and the US they still are not joining with vape supply stores.

Here's some additional information on the subject from Reddit.

Due to the volume of orders we receive; we have optimized our fulfillment process to make sure your order gets shipped as fast as humanly possible. Unfortunately, because of this we are often unable to edit or cancel orders once they have been submitted and cannot combine multiple orders placed by a single customer, even if they are shipped to the same address.
This is mainly because by the time we receive your request to edit or cancel your order it is likely already in the order fulfillment stage (past the point of no return) or it has already been shipped. We understand that this may be an inconvenience to you in the unlikely event that you find yourself in this predicament, but we're also pretty sure that you would prefer all of your orders arrive as quickly as possible as opposed to delaying all orders an extra day to allow for a chance to fix the rare mistake. Therefore, we ask that you very thoroughly check your order for mistakes or missing items before submitting to help avoid this situation.

For more on our shipping methods and why we are unable to fulfill those requests, please watch our video about packing and shipping:


The easiest way to do this is to wash out your tank with warm water, dry it completely and put a new Replacement Head inside the tank.
If you do not have an extra replacement head or use a system that does not take replacement heads (like the CE4 Clearomizers), then we reccomend either vaping all the liquid in the tank or dumping it out, then adding your new liquid to it. The downside to that will be that your flavors will be a little mixed. This usually isn't too big of an issue if you are using a fruit flavor then moving to another fruit flavor; but if you are going from a menthol to something sweet, it might be a little off putting.

First, make sure that your battery is on; you can turn the battery on and off by clicking the button 5 times very fast, the light will flash telling you that it is turned on or off.
If you are sure the battery is on but it is not firing your tank, try using a different tank if you have one. Chances are that it’s a bad replacement head and it does not want to work with your battery.
One last thing for you to try is raising the center post of the battery; this is a common issue with an older battery. The pin inside your battery can be pushed down over time and you can lift it using a small flathead screwdriver. Here’s a quick video on how to fix that issue.
If you are still having issues, please email us at support@myfreedomsmokes.com and include your order number so we can personally assist you.

This can happen a few different ways. One, the replacement heads was not screwed into the base properly causing it to now leak, the coil is burnt out and needs to be replaced, or you got some liquid in the airflow tube when you were filling it up.
First off, completely clean the tank and let it dry. Then put a new replacement head in the tank if you have one and make sure it is screwed on tightly, refill the tank and make sure you don't get any in the center airflow tube. When you fill it for the 1st time with a new head, you need to make sure you give it 5-10min to let that liquid absorb into the head. If you try to use it before then, you run the risk of a dry hit or the replacement head dying too quickly.
If you are still having issues, please email us at support@myfreedomsmokes.com along with you order number so we can better assist you.

You might need to change your replacement head. Your replacement head should last you about 2 weeks before having to change it, but sometimes it will go before then.
Make sure that when you put the new head in, that you wait about 5-10 minutes after filling it before you use it. If you do not give the head enough time to soak up the liquid, it will taste burnt and will shorten the life of your replacement head.

Normal eGo style eCigs can be turned ON and OFF by clicking the firing button 5 times very quickly. The button will flash when you turn the device ON and OFF.

We recommend a hot water bath. Wash it with some hot water and allow it time to fully dry out before refilling it with your favorite eLiquid.

We recommend about every 2 weeks or when your liquid starts tasting “off”. You can find the replacement heads for your tank by visiting THIS LINK.

It could be that you have the wrong charger for your battery, the battery is completely dead and it’s time for a new one, or the center pin is pushed down too far and it is no longer making a connection. Here is a quick video on how to fix a center pin issue.
If that still does not help, feel free to email us at support@myfreedomsmokes.com along with your order number for that battery to see what we can do for you.

Over time, atomizers may become dirty or clogged due to the flavorings added to E-Liquids accumulating inside of the atomizer as the liquids are vaporized. Some flavors may be more problematic in this area than others due to the varying ingredients in different flavors, but as a general rule of thumb darker color E-Liquids tend to dirty or clog atomizers more quickly than lighter color E-Liquids, though this is not always the case.

As an atomizer becomes dirty or clogged, there are several tell-tale signs that let you know that your atomizer may need cleaning:

  1. Vapor production has drastically reduced compared to when atomizer was new
  2. Vapor production has stopped completely
  3. It has become very hard or difficult to draw air through the device
  4. There is a burnt/harsh taste when using the device

If any of the above occurs it is recommended that you clean the atomizer before using any further. By doing so, you may be able to extend the life of your atomizer and improve or restore performance.

There are many methods for cleaning, some more successful than others. “Blowing out” the atomizer is usually the first recommendation and can fix many issues on the fly. As mentioned above as a fix for a flooded atomizer, simply remove the atomizer from the battery and cartridge, place your lips on the cartridge end of the atomizer and blow firmly to push the excess liquid or gunk onto a paper towel from the threaded end. However, if this does not fix the problem try one of the following methods:

Hot Water Rinse – This method works sometimes to fix minor problems

  1. Run under VERY hot water
  2. "Blow out” atomizer to remove excess water
  3. Set upright and allow to dry for 24 hours

Soaking/Baths – Most recommended and common method, will fix many problems, but takes time.

  1. Soak in water for at least 30-60 mins
  2. "Blow out” atomizer to remove excess water
  3. Soak in water a 2nd time for at least 2-3 hours
  4. "Blow out” atomizer to remove excess water
  5. Set upright and allow to dry for 24 hours

The Plunger – Much faster cleaning method, will fix many problems. *Requires The Plunger Kit from MyFreedomSmokes.com

  1. Attach plunger fitting to syringe.
  2. Attach atomizer to other end of fitting
  3. Place cartridge end of atomizer under hot water and pull water through atomizer
  4. Push and pull water back and forth through cartomizer several times until fully cleaned
  5. Remove from water and blow air back and forth though cartomizer several times to remove excess water
  6. Unattach atomizer and set upright to dry for 6-8 hours

As vapers we are often excited to receive new e-cig hardware and want to use it right away. However, if the proper steps are not taken to prime the new equipment it can result in poor performance, a burnt wick, and a shortened life span for atomizers or cartomizers. To avoid these problems it is very important to make sure the atomizer is properly primed.  We recommend the following procedure:

  1. Fill the clearomizer with E-Liquid, making sure to avoid getting any in the center tube.
  2. Without the battery connected, put the base of the clearomizer back on the tank.
  3. Wait about 5-10 for the eLiquid to absorb into the coil head.
  4. Connect the tank to the battery and enjoy!


MyFreedomSmokes.com provides the stimulating pleasure of smoking without the burning of tobacco. When tobacco is burned, thousands of toxic chemicals and carcinogenic substances can pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones. Because of these health concerns and the risk of second-hand smoke associated with cigarette smoking have lead to new laws regulating when and where you are able to smoke.

With an electronic cigarette from MyFreedomSmokes.com you can smoke whenever and wherever you want; even in places where you are prohibited to smoke analog cigarettes such as in the workplace or at your favorite night club or restaurant. Since it does not burn like cigarettes, it does not release dense clouds of pollutants, chemicals, or other toxins associated with second-hand smoke. An e-cig also won’t cause a fire hazard like cigarettes because it does not require lighting. And because there is no second-hand smoke, your supervisor at work, your waiter at a restaurant, or club owner will most likely allow you to smoke this device on their premises.MyFreedomSmokes.com provides the stimulating pleasure of smoking without the burning of tobacco. When tobacco is burned, thousands of toxic chemicals and carcinogenic substances can pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones. Because of these health concerns and the risk of second-hand smoke associated with cigarette smoking have lead to new laws regulating when and where you are able to smoke. With an electronic cigarette from MyFreedomSmokes.com you can smoke whenever and wherever you want; even in places where you are prohibited to smoke analog cigarettes such as in the workplace or at your favorite night club or restaurant. Since it does not burn like cigarettes, it does not release dense clouds of pollutants, chemicals, or other toxins associated with second-hand smoke. An e-cig also won’t cause a fire hazard like cigarettes because it does not require lighting. And because there is no second-hand smoke, your supervisor at work, your waiter at a restaurant, or club owner will most likely allow you to smoke this device on their premises.

Legal bans define smoking as the burning of cigarette tobacco. Because e-cigarettes are non-flammable, they do not pose a serious fire hazard. And since they don’t expose others to second-hand smoke pollutants, you should be able to smoke this product anywhere you go.

Property owners have the right to regulate any activity taking place on their property, so don’t be surprised if you are confronted by a hotel manager, waiter, or store owner when smoking your e-cig. After all, it looks like a real cigarette, releases a vapor similar to cigarette smoke, and even features a LED at the tip that lights up like a burning cigarette when you inhale.

We recommend that you first speak with the property owner or manager and explain how the e-cigarette works. You’ll find most folks will be impressed by the technology and won’t mind you using it. However, some places might not be appropriate for its use out of respect or obligation to others. We encourage you to be courteous wherever you use our device.