WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin

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Glycerine Market Update:

  • Demand for glycerin continues to increase.  One of the major drivers is its use in various cleaning, hand sanitizing formulations and pharmaceutical applications (cough and cold medication). 
  • Biodiesel production plummeting (less biodiesel means less crude glycerin and less refined glycerin), so US produced glycerin will be limited
  • Coronavirus in India and Asia is having a direct effect on production.  Shipments are slowing out of Indonesia and Malaysia (two of the largest manufacturers of USP Vegetable Glycerin). 
Due to the current state of affairs, glycerin demand has increased drastically while production has slowed nearly to a halt.  Because of this prices from our suppliers have skyrocketed (hopefully temporarily).  Therefore, we are forced to increase the prices of USP Vegetable Glycerin for the foreseeable future.  We hope that the market returns to normal very soon, but in the meantime stay safe and we are wishing you all the best.

USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin for Vaping Specifications:


Assay, % : 99.7 Min
Specific Gravity : 1.249 Min
Color, APHA : 20 Max
Residue on Ignition, % : 0.01 Max
Chloride, ppm: 10 Max
Sulfate, ppm : 20 Max
Heavy Metals, ppm : 5 Max
Chlorinated Compounds, ppm : 30 Max
Fatty Acids and Esters, Max : 1.0 ml / 50 grams of Glycerin
Organic Volatile Impurities : Meets Requirements
Water, % : 5.0 Max (per USP specifications), 0.3% Max Typical
Identification, Part A and Part B : Passes Test
Limits, Diethylene Glycol & Related : Passes Test