WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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MFS - 4-Star General Flavoring

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MFS - 4-Star General Flavoring

This product is the blend of concentrated flavorings pre-mixed to produce our famous 4-Star General E-Liquid

Use this flavor sparingly as it is very concentrated and requires a small amount as a percentage of the final mixture.  It is suggested that you start at 6% and allow it to steep properly before adding additional flavoring.

6ml of this flavoring will make approximately 100ml of e-liquid

10ml of this flavoring will make approximately 160ml of e-liquid

NOTE: DIY Flavorings are food-grade flavors intended for use in all culinary (food & beverage) applications. All of our flavors are meant to be diluted prior to being consumed into finished culinary products (should NOT be consumed at full-strength). Any end-use of our flavors, other than ingestion has not been evaluated for safety.

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Brand MFS
Brand MFS