WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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TFA - Watermelon (Flavoring)

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The Flavor Apprentice Watermelon - DIY E-Liquid Flavoring

From TFA Website:

water soluble
an all-natural flavor - crisp clean watermelon

Ingredients:Natural Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Water

Flavor Reviews 

I absolutely love this flavor, I like mixing strawberry and watermelon together. Long story short, I certainly intend to up the order sizes of this flavor for my next order, for this is a fine staple flavors for mixes. Thank You. 

Anthony Hartman
Watermelon-- This one isn't very sweet and the smell is like that of bubblegum watermelon flavor. I enjoyed this one it is not overwhelming at all. Add some sweetener to give it a more true ripe watermelon taste or try mixing this with menthol or strawberry or both! I mix this at 15% 

James D
This Watermelon is amazing!!! It's like biting into the real fruit, excluding the seeds! I made a 80/20 pg/vg mix. 15% and presto!!! It is the sweetest I've tasted. Yummy!! Thank you Linda!

Watermelon - This tastes just like the popular watermelon hard candies minus the tartness they had. This is definitely an authentic watermelon taste. It could probably do with some sweetening, but is good as is. I mixed this at 5% and it was plenty strong enough. 

Rachel from Toronto
The new Watermelon from Perfumer's Apprentice is a winner! It tastes just like real watermelon, the rind & flesh etc - spot on. Doesn't taste like "candy" watermelon. I was rather amazed that they got the real taste of real watermelon so accurately. The only possible quibble is that it could stand to be just a smidge stronger. At 15% of the mix, it's at times a tad too subtle. I'll try 20% next time, but either way, it is definitely a keeper! It's actually really impressive, I must say. I plan on buying this flavour regularly. : )

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