WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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TFA - Ripe Banana (Flavoring)

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The Flavor Apprentice Ripe Banana - DIY E-Liquid Flavoring

***The ingredients in this liquid cause it to react with certain types of acrylic and/or plastic.  Therefore, it is recommended that customers do not use this product in devices that are made of or contain acrylic and/or plastic components.

partially water soluble - this flavor is not as water soluble as our other flavors
This banana is more like a true ripe banana than our Banana Cream.
Try it at 12-15%
Note: this flavor might be hard on certain soft plastics
those customers who like strong flavors might go to 20%

Ingredients: Natural and Artifical Flavors, Ethyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, water

Flavor Reviews 

allan L:
Hi, I just tried the Grape and Ripe banana I got the other day. The grape tastes like grape kool aid. The ripe banana taste like Laffy Taffy. Both are very good. Thanks, Allan

Ripe Banana- Where does one begin on how perfect this flavor really is all about! This is the key flavor for a banana cream pie! If you don't have ripe banana your settling for less! Taste like the name and plays so well in the DIY flavor kit mixing game! A must have for all things nana madness! I hated banana ejuice, before I found this flavor. Whoohooo!

Wow.. Incredibly good! I mixed it at 20% and the flavor stood right up, kicked me in the head. Loved it! Could be mixed easily by itself at 15% which is great, and would go good in any mix at lower percentages and won't get over powered by other flavors.

Ripe Banana: I like this one a lot. It's very sweet, and it's close to ripe banana. There's a faint undertone of banana 'candy' but I believe that can be reduced by using a lower concentration than I did (I always start with a higher concentration when testing). Tested at 20% flavoring/80% PG. 

Beau A.: 
I absolutely love this flavor. I found strawberry/ripe banana tasted much like the strawberry banana bubble gum I used to chew on back in the 1990's. It was rather yummy. Long story short, I certainly intend to up the order sizes of this for my next order, for this is a fine staple flavor for mixes. Thank You. 

Ripe Banana - I mixed this at 15% with VG and got a rich, creamy, ripe banana flavor. This is a very authentic taste. It goes well with other flavors (like Graham Cracker or Waffle, for instance), and I'll bet it would be wonderful with some chocolate flavors (which I don't have, so you'll want to try this if you do). 

Review from Juli
I mixed this sample with 3 parts caramel 1 part bitter sweet chocolate and 1 part banana and it was fantastic, to me and my neighbor. Thought I would let you know. flavors were mixed at 20% flavor, 10% VG, 40% nic, and 30% PG. Giving me an 24mg nic. I really like it as does my neighbor.

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