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TFA - Butterscotch (Flavoring)

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The Flavor Apprentice Butterscotch - DIY E-Liquid Flavoring

From TFA website:

water soluble

A very nice rich and creamy butterscotch flavor, great on it's own, but try blending with sweet ingredients for an old fashioned candy appeal.

Note: on rare occasions, sometimes you will see little flakes or crystals.
this is harmless, and if you heat the bottle slightly, they will disappear

Ingredients:Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol

Flavor Reviews 

Richard R.: 
I mixed my first batch of this at 10% and it was really tasty but a bit weak for me. You could really taste the sweet buttery flavour and it gave me a couple ideas about how you could probably use it at a low level when trying to get a butter taste on your other recipes. I bumped it up to 20% and it was just like butterscotch pudding minus the creamy pudding base. The flavour coated my tongue and it was a nice change from he fruity flavours I normally reach for. 

06/02/11 - pamela
This is my absolute favorite flavor. It is definitely sweet, and I love it! I have always loved butterscotch pudding, and this flavor is very close for me! It’s not like the candies, it’s better, more of a “real” flavor.

05/17/11 - vapechick 
Butterscotch! OMG! I am the butterscotch queen! I've been using it all day, every day! For almost 12 months now and let me tell you! This PA Butterscotch is rich rich rich and creamy! Tastes just like the butterscotch you get to top your ice-cream. Tastes like a rich caramel chew, but replaced by butterscotch/chew. Delectable rich! In a 10ml bottle I did 1.5ml butterscotch and 10 drops sweetener VG and let me tell you! YUMMY UMMY! Smells so dang good to boot! Smooth! I'm a harsh critic when it comes to butterscotch and this passes the test. I bought a 4fl oz bottle to tide me over for a while. I have all kind's of DIY plans for this flavor! I keep finding myself making it sweeter and sweeter. Sweet tooth! I made this strong and no perfume or chemical taste. Just rich, strong, and awesome! The way I like it :) TY Linda for such a treat of a flavor! Curious to see what my fav hard butterscotch candy flavoring and this rich PA one taste like together! Stand alone, is off the charts awesome! My hard scotch bottles are sitting there all lonely. If you're a rich and creamy butterscotch person! get ya some! Please keep this one the way it is :)~


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