WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Aspire Nautilus (BVC) Glassomizer

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These are genuine Aspire Nautilus BVC Glassomizers with a Scratch & Check security code that can be verified here:  Aspirecig.com

The Aspire Nautilus BVC Glassomizer is a revolutionary design based on feedback of seasoned vapers of what an ideal tank should be. Utilizing this information, the engineers have created a new tank that provides optimal performance in vaping functionality.This Aspire Nautilus vape tank has an exclusive adjustable airflow design so that with a simple turn of the lower ring, you can increase or decrease the airflow to realize your perfect vape. With the option of different sized air-ports, the Aspire Nautilus BVC Glassomizer allows the user to produce big clouds of vapor, with a pure and clean taste. The unique Aspire Nautilus vape tank four-port system allows you to differentiate how hard or soft the draw, how warm or cool the vape is, and how much vapor is produced.

Compatible replacement heads for this tank can be found here:  Aspire Nautilus Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) Replacement Coil Heads (5pk)

We also have replacement tubes available. Get a replacement glass tube here: Glass Replacement Tube for Aspire Nautilus
Or, get the more sturdy hollowed-out sleeve here: Aspire Nautilus Replacement Tank with Hollowed-out Sleeve

Key Features of the Aspire Nautilus Vape Tank:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • 5ml Capacity
  • Threaded pyrex glass tube
  • BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Technology

Airflow Features: Each rotation for air hole adjustment has a click to let users know the desired port size

  • Ø0.9mm
  • Ø1.1mm
  • Ø1.4mm
  • Ø1.8mm


  • Height of  Nautilus Tank System:83.65mm
  • Max Diameter of Nautilus Tank System:23.45mm
  • Height of Nautilus Replaceable Coil :25.7mm
  • Max Diameter of Nautilus Replaceable Coil :10mm
  • Max Diameter of Nautilus Replaceable Coil :10mm

Resistance of Aspire BVC:

  • 1.6ohm  (3.3v-5.0v)
  • 1.8ohm (3.3v-6.0v)

Aspire Nautilus BVC Glassomizer Kit comes with:

  • 1x Full Aspire Nautilus Tank (1.6ohm BVC installed)
  • 1x Extra Aspire Nautilus BVC coil at 1.8ohm
  • 1x eGo Adaptor
  • 1x User Manual

Note: The Aspire Nautilus replacement coil heads will only work with its own designed version. The standard Aspire BVC coil heads are not compatible.

Compatible replacement heads for this product can be found here:  Aspire Nautilus Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) Replacement Coil Heads (5pk)

How to Use your Aspire Nautilus BVC Glassomizer:

  • To fill, turn the tank upside down and remove the threaded end cap.  Fill the outer portion of the tank (avoid getting e-liquid into the center airflow tube) and then screw the end cap back onto the tank tightly.  You can now turn it rightside up and check for leaks before using.
  • Gurgling or Leaking can occur if liquid gets into the center airflow tube.  To clear this liquid and improve performance remove the tank from the battery and blow through the mouthpiece into a paper towel.  The excess liquid will come out of the threaded end of the device.  If this happens often you may need to check that all connections are screwed down tightly or replace the head and wick assembly with a new one.
  • The head and wick assembly will sometimes loosen itself when the threaed end cap is unscrewed.  Always check that it is pushed into the bottom cap tightly tightly before screwing the cap back on.  Not doing so could result in a leaking or non-working device.
  • You should never run the tank completely dry.  Doing so could result in a burnt or damaged wick and can cause leaking.  Refill the tank when the liquid level reaches approximately 1/3 full
  • The lifespan of replacement heads can vary quite a bit, but following the above instructions will maximize the lifespan of the coil.


Aspire is transitioning from regular cotton to organic cotton on all of their atomizer and replacement coil heads.  While the packaging of the replacement coils is not changing, the coils themselves will be made with organic cotton from now on.  There are a few ways to tell whether your Aspire Replacement Coil box contains organic cotton coils or the older style cotton coils:

  • Some replacement head packages come with an advisory card inside which indicates that the replacement heads are made with organic cotton. 
  • Look at the foil on the blister pack containing the replacement heads.  If it reads only "Aspire" on the foil, the coils inside are the older type.  If the foil has any other instructions, or if "organic cotton" is written on the foil, the package contains the newer, organic cotton heads.
  • The wicking holes on the new, organic cotton heads are larger than the holes on the older, non-organic cotton heads.  A side-by-side comparison of the old and new heads will let you see the difference.
  • The packaging for newer Aspire Atlantis replacement has checkboxes on one side showing the different resistance levels the heads are available in.  If you see these checkboxes on the side of your Replacement Coil box, it means the newer, organic cotton coil heads are inside.
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