WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tanks & Atomizers Info

All electronic cigarettes have a battery that powers the device and a heating element that heats the e-liquid.  The heating element, also known as a coil, is usually located inside an atomizing device.  Atomizing devices can be broken down into three separate categories, atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers.  

Since the electronic cigarette industry has grown so quickly, there was never any universally adopted classification system established.  Therefore, many reatailers and manufacturers just categorized new products however they saw fit.  Unfortunately this has resulted in many discrepancies and lots of confusion for everyone involved as some may call a product one name and others call the same product a different name entirely.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for somene to give us a call and say that they need a new "wick for their atomizer" when really what they are looking for is a new "replacement head for their clearomizer" according to the nomenclature that we use.  This doesn't mean what they said is wrong, but it creates confusion and frustration for many customers especially as they browse different retailers.  Here we will attempt to explain the logic behind our thinking when we categorized the products we sell and established the names that we use on a daily basis so that maybe it could help to clear up some of this confusion and avoid some frustration.


Standard Atomizers

These types of atomizers were one of the earliest designs when electronic cigarettes were invented but are still preferred by many users for their simplicity and reliability.  When using these types of atomizers the overall device is considered to be a 3-piece setup (battery, atomizer, and cartridge).  The battery provides the power, the atomizer heats of the liquid to make vapor, and the cartridge holds the liquid and feeds it to the atomizer.  

Rebuildable Atomizers

These types of atomizers are still relatively new to the electronic cigarette industry and are constantly being updated and redesigned to make them better and better.  Essentially they allow the user to build their own coils using extremely inexpensive materials in order to both cut cost and provide a unique, customizable experience.  Because of the knowledge and skills required to use them properly and safely, these products are usually preferred by experienced or advanced electronic cigarette users.


 It's a funny word, but it makes since.  A cartomizer is essentially the CARtridge and standard aTOMIZER built into one piece.  It is a cylinder shaped atomizing device with a heating element that usually runs vertically through the center and is surrounded by polyfill material that holds the liquid and feeds it to the coil.  When using a cartomizer the overall device is considered to be a 2-peice setup (battery and cartomizer) as no other parts are necessary.  Many users prefer cartomizers because of their simplicity as they are probably one of the easiest ways to vape.  All the user has to do is drip a little liquid onto the polyfill material inside the cartomizer every now and then and they are ready to continue vaping.


 Another funny word, but it stands for clear cartomizer.  However, the distinction really goes a bit further as clearomizers do not contain any polyfill material on the inside.  Instead they are designed as an open tank that can be completely filled with liquid and has a heating coil and airflow channel usually located in the center of the tank.  The heating coil is fed liquid from the surrounding tank by wicks that regulate the flow to avoid flooding.  The heating element is often replaceable in a clearomizer and is usually called a replacement head or coil.  

Refillable Cartridges

 Products in this category are designed for 3-piece electronic cigarettes that are comprised of a battery, standard atomizer, and cartridge.  While this design is a bit older and may be considered outdated by some, it is still widely used and very reliable.  Instead of having a tank that both holds the e-liquid and the coil heating element, these portions are separated so that a removeable cartridge holds the eliquid and feeds it to the atomizer.  This allows the user to simply remove the cartridge, refill it, and insert it back into the atomizer without much effort involved.  Because they are so easy to use, they are often preferred by those that simply wants something that works but doesn't require much maintenance.