WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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The eMax battery is the next step in the evolution of the eGo battery. Much like the Winder, you can adjust the intensity of your vape by turning the knob at the bottom of the battery. However, with the eMax, you are now able to switch between voltage and wattage! 5 clicks will turn the device on or off. Once on, 3 clicks will switch between voltage and wattage mode. The switch will light up white in variable voltage mode and blue in variable wattage mode. When the battery gets below 30%, a red light will warn you that the battery needs to be charged.



The SID is Smoktech's latest high performance advanced personal vaporizer (APV). This model features the latest e-cigarette technology innovations for a superior vaping experience.  Not only is this design home to the best technical features, it's a good looking device as well. You'll find variable voltage and wattage and a 4 amp circuit to stand up to the most demanding cartomizers.The circuitry is contained in the head portion of the SID which can be removed from the battery tube.The battery connector is also located on the head and features a cone to dress up the connection.Smoktech's SID is eGo compatible and works with even tricky clearomizers like the Kanger T3. Combined with the advanced features, this should make SID one of the most versatile devices in your collection.



The GBC is another fantastic bottom-coil tank from SmokTech. Bottom-coil tanks have a smooth draw and reduced wicking issues, making for great flavor and vapor production. The drip tip has been molded into the tank itself, so no need to worry about a missing mouth piece. The GBC is easy to use and performs great! It has a 510 connection, comes pre-installed with a 1.8ohm coil, and will work with any mod. This tank holds approximately 4mL of e-Liquid.