WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Smok "The Kick" Variable Wattage Mod Power Booster

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The Kick by SmokTech is a power booster designed to work with any IMR Mod battery.  This means you are no longer stuck using your mechanical mod at the standard 3.7 volt battery output.  No more worrying about whether the resistance of your tank is too high or too low to work well with your mod.  

It is easy to install and allows the user to adjust the wattage output anywhere between 5-12 watts.  Once installed it will automatically detect the resistance of your tank and adjust the voltage output to achieve the set wattage. 

Will not fit in all devices.  Because of the length that it takes up inside the battery tube, when using a device designed for 18650 batteries you will need to use an 18500 battery when using The Kick.  Or if you have a telescoping mod you can increase the length of the tube to accomodate The Kick.

The kick has a small ground post on the side that much touch metal to function.  Therefore, The Kick is for use with metal tubed mods only with a maximum internal diameter of 19.5mm.

To use the Kick simply set it to the preferred wattage and place it on top of the positive terminal of your IMR battery. (You will want the dial facing UP)

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