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Sense Herakles RTA Mini

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HERAKLES RTA Mini by Sense

The e-cigarette Sense Mini-RTA is the compact equivalent of the HERAKLES RTA-2, which has been rated a best electronic cigarette by many of its users. The Mini has the same diameter as its predecessor e-cigarette, but it is shorter with an e-liquid capacity of only 3mL, where the larger RTA-2 can hold up to 6mL. The performance of the HERAKLES RTA Mini by Sense is nothing short of brilliant. Its design ensures thick clouds of vapor, just like with the larger models, except that you get better flavor with this version of the e-cigarette. This makes it ideal for those who like everything about the RTA-2 except the large size.

Specs & Features:

  • 24.7mm Diameter
  • 3mL e-fluid capacity
  • Stainless Steel
  • Available in Black, Rose Gold, or Stainless Steel
  • Top-Fill Design
  • Bottom Positioned Adjustable Air-Flow
  • Adjustable e-Liquid Flow
  • 4 Airflow Holes
  • Peek Insulated Post


Constructed using high-quality stainless steel, but consumers have their choice of a black, rose gold or steel colored e-cigarette.

Included in the Box:

  • Case
  • Tools
  • Replacement O-rings
  • Contact pins
  • Allen key


Every aspect of the HERAKLES RTA Mini by Sense is meant to make the use of e-cigarette easy. A wide opening and slots minimize the loss of liquid as you are filling the tank. A 510 drip tip can be fitted onto the tank for those who prefer these for vaping, and the deck features a ring that can be loosened to fit the cotton edges in. These rings are ideal for getting the deck put back together once you have all of your pieces in place.

The build deck offers enough space for those with an exotic build style, featuring a configuration that is meant to be user-friendly, and a wicking set-up that is simple to operate. Like other e-cigs sold by Sense, the RTA Mini has superior heat resistance and greater conductivity due to the PEEK-insulated post and copper-plated contacts.

You will find four air-flow holes at the base of this e-cigarette, one on each side of the cylinder, for better performance. There is also a copper pin at the base that allows you to adjust these air-flow holes to suit your e-smoking style. The case comes complete with all of the tools you need, including replacement rings, contact pins and an allen key to simplifying disassembly.

Professional Review and Rating:

“It’s a great little tank”

“I like the way they do the chuff cap with its conical shape”

“This thing has nice airflow”

“Puts off a good bit of flavor”

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