WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Pierceable Screw Caps

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Colors of caps may vary depending on size chosen.

These caps are fitted with a pierceable seal that will allow you to puncture them with the needle of a syringe, but remain water-tight to prevent leaks.  This is perfect for avoiding spills and keeping oxygen from getting to your E-Liquids.  This is the perfect cap for DIY E-Liquid mixers.  With these caps you can use a syringe to remove the desired amount of liquid without ever having to remove the cap.

Bottle fit chart:

8mm caps will fit - 

13mm caps will fit - 6ml Dropper Bottles, 10ml Dropper Bottles, 15ml Dropper Bottles, 30ml Dropper Bottles, 60ml Dropper Bottles

20mm caps will fit -  30ml Glass Bottles, 60ml Glass Bottles

24mm caps will fit - 125ml Glass Bottles