WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Parts & Accessories Info

Device Specific Parts

Products in this category are made to be compatible only with specific models of electronic cigarettes such as the Joyetech eRoll or Innokin iTaste 134

Tank Specific Parts

Products in this category are made to be compatible only with specific tank models such as the Kanger Aerotank or Aspire Nautilus

Drip Tips

Various drip tips in unique colors and designs will allow you to customize your device to better fit your personality and style

Carrying Cases / Stands

As users gain experience with electronic cigarettes and new products are introduced to the market it is quite common to need a convenient manner in which to keep their favorite products organized and portable.  Carrying cases are the answer to this problem and come in numerous sizes, shapes, and designs.  

Stands provide a neat and unique dispay of the device while keeping it conveniently accessible

Sani-Tips / Soft Tips

Sanitary tips (Sani-Tips) are a cheap and convenient way of letting others try your electronic cigarette in a safe and sanitary manner.  They simply slip over the mouthpiece and provide and soft mouthfeel for the user without hindering the performance of the device.  Many users prefer them simply for the soft feel that they provide.

Thread Adapters

Not all electronic cigarettes use the same thread pattern to connect the various pieces together.  While almost all of the products we sell are compatible with one another in terms of thread connection, products from another vendor may not be compatible.  The adapters in this category serve as a conversion from one thread pattern to another so that parts for incompatible devices can be used together.

The Plunger

This unique fitting was designed from scratch by MyFreedomSmokes to solve a common problem many users have with electronic cigarettes, especially cartomizers.  There just wasn't an easy and convenient way to keep them clean.  That's where the plunger steps in and makes filling and cleaning cartomizers a breeze. 

One end threads directly onto any male luer lock fitting, and the other end screws directly onto any 510 or eGo threaded cartomizer or atomizer.  Use this in combination with a syringe or luer lock bottle cap to fill or clean any cartomizer or atomizer with a 510/ego thread.

 Can be modified to have 901/KR808 threads instead of 510 threads, or can be used in conjunction with an adapter to clean 801, 901, KR-808, etc. atomizers and cartomizers.  510-801 adapter, 510-901/KR808 adapter