WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mods & RBAs Info


Digital mods have the capability of varying the output of the battery in terms of either voltage or wattage.  


This category contains all mods with variable voltage capabilities.  By adjusting the voltage of the battery the user can customize and fine tune their vaping experience.  With all other factors being equal, turning the voltage up will cause the heating element (coil) inside the tank or atomizer to burn hotter, which usually provides a fuller, warmer vape.  Experienced users have also noticed that some flavors may change slightly or just taste a little better at different temperatures, so being able to change the voltage allows them to dial in just the right flavor and vapor production.  However, since the coil is wrapped around a wick on the inside of the tank or atomizer, if the voltage is set too high (or if there is not enough liquid or airflow to keep the coil cool) then it can burn the wick, which results in a very bad taste and possibly permanent damage to the wick causing the taste to linger.  If this occurs it is best to turn the voltage down immediately and wait a minute or two for the coil to cool before taking another puff.  Another downside to variable voltage is that when changing to a different tank or atomizer, or even just replacing the coil in the same tank, the user will likely have to dial the voltage in again optimize taste and vapor production.  This is especially true if the new atomizer or tank has a different resistance since the resistance also effects the temperature at which the coil heats up.



Adjusting the wattage can provide a similar fine tuning of the vaping experience as adjusting the voltage, but wattage can be a little more difficult to understand than voltage.  Once you know how it works it seems simple and is preferred by many users due to the consistent experience it provides.  Essentially, wattage is a function of the voltage output of the battery and the resistance of the coil in the tank or atomizer.  However the voltage and resistance relate to wattage in different ways.   Voltage and wattage have a positive correlation, so an increase in voltage from the battery results in an increase in the overall wattage.  On the flip side, resistance and wattage have an inverse relationship, so a decrease in resistance of the coil results in an increase in the overall watage.  What this means for the user is that with a variable wattage mod they can set their wattage to a level that provides the perfect vaping experience and the mod will automatically adjust the voltage output based on the resistance of the coil so that this experience remains the same.  This remains true even if the user changes the tank or atomizer to a completely different product with a different resistance.  The mod will simply turn the voltage up or down so that the wattage is the same and therefore the coil burns at the same temperature and provides the same taste and vapor production.  The user can still turn the wattage up or down if they prefer, but most users tend to fine tune their device for optimal output and end up adjusting it much less often than with a variable voltage mod.

Mechanical / Telescoping

 Mechanical mods are those that do not have a digital component in terms of regulating or changing the output of the device.  Instead, when the button is pressed the user is manually completing the circuit so that the battery provides unregulated power to the tank.  Due to the nature of lithium and hybrid batteries this means that the power output is greatest when the battery is freshly charged and slowly declines as it is depleted.  It also means that the battery will deplete at different rates depending on what the resistance is of the attached atomizer or tank.  Lower resistances will deplete the battery faster by allowing more power to flow through the heating element each time it is fired.

Mechanical mods are preferred by many users for several reasons.  First, since there are no digital compenents, they are extremely durable and extremely reliable.  Second, since they are not regulated, they allow the user to attach sub-ohm atomizers or tanks to provide an extreme vaping experience in which the coil burns very hot and massive clouds of vapor can be produced.  However, it should be noted that specific knowlege and experience is necessary in order to use sub-ohm components safely as they can be dangerous when used incorrectly.

Telescoping mods are those in which the battery housing tube can be adjusted to different length in order to accomodate different sized batteries.  These are great for users that have accumulated different sized lithium cells and doesn't want them to go to waste, or for the person that may prefer a larger device at times and a smaller more portable device at other times.

Mod Accessories

 Products in this category include lanyards, stands, adapters, and other miscellaneous parts and accessories specifically designed for mod users.  Some products may be compatible only with specific models so please be sure to check the specifications to ensure that your device is compatible before purchasing.


 Rebuildable Atomizers (RBA) and Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers (RDA) can be found in this category.  These products are generally used by experienced or advanced users, but are preferred for several reasons.  They are generally very durable and reliable because of their heavy duty design and they are also very cheap to maintain as the materials needed to rebuild, recoil, etc. can be purchased in bulk very cheaply in the category below.  At the same time they allow the user to customize their vaping experience by building coils of different shapes, sizes, and resistances.

Wicks / Wire / Mesh

These products are used by advanced or experienced users who build their own coils.  They are most often used with rebuildable dripper atomizers (RDA) and rebuildable atomizer tanks (RBA).  Many different sizes and quantities are available.