WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Microbrew Vapor Grumpy Old Bastard Eliquid 50ml

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Microbrew Vapor Grumpy Old Bastard Eliquid 50ml

A rich and decadent butterscotch caramel cream.

Why so grumpy when your face is on a flavor like this? So rich and creamy, Grumpy Old Bastard e-juice actually feels like the butterscotch and cream just left your mouth, leaving behind this tasty goodness only describable as amazing.

The line of Micro Brew Vapor juices are comical and tasty at the same time. They are a premier line of eLiquid designed for those that want superior flavor and expertly designed packaging. The Micro Brew Vapors include names like Grumpy Old Bastard, One Eye Turtle, and Lonely Comet. The flavors are extraordinary, strong, and offer the perfect flavor from your favorite vapor cigarette.


Grumpy Old Bastard E-Juice Specs & Features:

  • 50mL eJuice
  • 75% VG Ratio
  • 0, 3, and 6mg Nicotine Levels



eLiquid in Artistic Brown Bottles



Grumpy Old Bastard E-Juice: Rich butterscotch caramel cream.

Lonely Comet: A parfait filled with crunchy nuts, cream, and fresh fruit.

One Eyed Turtle: Deep-fried pretzel with graham cracker and brown sugar on top.


Professional Review and Rating:

“…three great flavors.”

“…comes in a little beer bottle, like what you would see from a microbrew facility.”

“Really enjoyed the flavors.”

“…really just took the time and detail to make their little bottles look like beer.”

“Each bottle has a little anecdote, little story, joke almost.”

“Three great different flavors.”

“Grumpy Old Bastard…creative name…going to be a butterscotch and caramel cream, similar to caramel candies…smooth caramel to it. Really good flavor, especially if you are a fan of butterscotch…one of the best butterscotches I’ve had.”

“Lonely Comet…parfait of fruit, nuts, and cream…kind of a mixed fruit and nutty flavor, with a yogurt-type finish…great little mix and blend with the creaminess of it.”

“…my favorite flavor…One-Eyed Turtle…a deep fried soft pretzel dough, with graham cracker and brown sugar…kind of interesting…on inhale you taste the brown sugar and taste the graham cracker. On the exhale you get the pretzel flavor.”

“Fun little bottles.”

“Great flavors.”

“…nice long dripper to them.”