WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


MFS - 4-Star General Flavoring

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This product is the blend of concentrated flavorings pre-mixed to produce our famous 4-Star General E-Liquid

Use this flavor sparingly as it is very concentrated and requires a small amount as a percentage of the final mixture.  It is suggested that you start at 6% and allow it to steep properly before adding additional flavoring.

6ml of this flavoring will make approximately 100ml of e-liquid

10ml of this flavoring will make approximately 160ml of e-liquid

To make 133ml of 24mg 4-star general E-liquid you would need:

  • 125ml of 24mg UnFlavored Nicotine Smoke Juice E-Liquid - $8.45
  • 8ml out of a 10ml bottle of 4-star general flavoring - $15.95
  • Total cost - $24.40

Compare to 125ml of pre-mixed 4-star general e-liquid at $44.95 = Total savings of $20.55

Plus you have 2ml of flavoring left over which is enough to make another 30ml bottle

4-Star General is our version of RY4.  It's a very tasty tobacco flavor with slightly sweet highlights that make this E-Liquid an easy all-day vape.  We imagine this one would be a favorite of any four star general in the MyFreedomSmokes Army.

This liqid is made using a small amount of Tobacco Absolute which can result in small particulates that float in the liquid and do not dissolve.  

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Brand MFS
Brand MFS

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