Since 2008, MyFeedomSmokes.com has established itself as "the" retailer for new and experienced electronic cigarette users.  With a product lineup ranging from $10 beginner starter kits to the most advanced APVs and RBA on the market, MyFreedomSmokes.com provides a one stop shop for all electronic cigarette needs.  And with over 200 flavors, there are plenty of tasty tobacco, fruit, and sweet seasoned E-juices to enjoy.

             I wanted to say Thank you!!!  Thank you for having such a wide variety of items for people to choose from.  You offer less expensive items....and you have an E-Liquid compare list which I haven't seen on other sites.  Last but definitely not least, your customer service is the best.  Thank you MFS for everything your staff does. You're an awesome company : -)      - O. Smith via email