WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


I8 Multi-Slot Intelligent Charger by Nitecore

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I8 Multi-Slot Intelligent Charger by Nitecore

Nitecore sets the standard for battery chargers with the Intellicharger i8!  This charger has 8 slots, four on each side, and charges a variety of batteries.  It also has two USB out slots, so that you can charge USB devices, like phones and mods, at the same time you are charging your batteries.  One caveat on this… If you’re charging four batteries or less, the charger gives equal priority to USB and battery charging.  Once you insert more than four batteries, the batteries take priority, and USB charging queues until the batteries are finished.  It charges 18650s, 18350s, 26650s, 27000: all the different lithium ion cells that you would use in your vaping devices.  You can put your rechargeable AA and AAA batteries in for a charge as well.  When you insert batteries for charging, you’ll see a steady red light that changes to green when the charge is complete.  If you see a flashing red light, you’ll know that the reverse polarity protection is telling you that the batteries are in upside down.  Reverse them, and the light will change to solid red. 


Compatible with

Li-ion/IMR -10340,10350,10440,10500,12340,12500,12650,13450,13500,13650,



 Ni-MH(Ni-Cd) - AA, AAA, C, D


Size:  117mm x 101mm x 134.5mm (4.61” x 3.98” x 5.30”)


Weight:  488.2g (17.22oz)


Professional Review and Rating:


“I would definitely recommend this.”


“…total of eight batteries, which is pretty cool”


“…it’s one of the better chargers on the market”