WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


DIY Mixing Starter Kit

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DIY Mixing Starter Kit
DIY Mixing Starter Kit

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    The DIY community has spoken, and MFS listened!  The DIY mixing kit now features more amber glass dropper bottles, 2 tripour measuring beakers, and FLAVORING SAMPLE PACKS! Absolutely everything you need to begin mixing your own ejuice is right here!  And, stay tuned to our Youtube channel as we start offering eJuice recipes using the flavor samplers you can buy right here!


    Please be aware that some of the items listed below may periodically be out of stock.  Make sure to examine the options box to the right of the DIY Mixing Starter Kit photograph to ensure that the items checked matches the list of items below.  If you do not see one of the below items in the options box, that item is currently out of stock and will not be a part of your Mixing Starter Kit.  The price of the kit will be automatically adjusted for any out-of-stock items.  

    DIY Mixing Starter Kit

    Get started mixing your own eliquid with this MyFreedomSmokes starter kit. We asked our mixing engineers to build a list of the items they wished they had had when they started mixing and they came up with this kit.  It contains every tool you'll need to start mixing on your own.  You can add MFS Nicotine and MFS Flavorings to your cart and start mixing in no time!

    Mixing Starter Kit includes:

    1 x 10mL graduated cylinder

    1 x 25mL graduated cylinder

    2 x 100mL beakers

    1 x 100mL Tri-pour Beaker

    1 x 250mL Tri-pour Beaker

    2 x 3mL syringes

    2 x 10mL syringes

    1 x 30mL syringe w/5 pack blunt needles

    3 x 30mL plastic dropper bottles

    3 x 10mL plastic dropper bottles

    5 x 15mL clear glass bottles w/ dropper tops

    2 x 5 pack small pipettes

    1 x 250mL bottle USP Grade Propyline Glycol

    1 x 250mL bottle USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin

    1 x 5 pack nitrile gloves

    Optional: Nicotine and Flavoring may be added to your shopping cart seperately, or you can choose the pre made nicotine and flavoring options in the selection window.  Click here for Nicotine.  Click here for Flavoring.


    Here're Mixing Engineers Dustin and Zach with eliquid mixing tips: