WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Digiflavor Fuji 25 Dual Coil Tank

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DigiFlavor Fuji GTA

The Fuji GTA ecig uses a Genesis Tank Atomizer. Genesis is an older form of tank that was rebuildable, and today these styles are coming back in a more hybrid-like model. DigiFlavor is a newer name in vaping, but with that new entrance comes amazing products. They are similar to Geek Vape, and employees of DigiFlavor came from Geek Vape to create their own unique product. DigiFlavor worked hard on the Fuji GTA model to create something that offered exceptional flavor compared to other vapor cigarettes.


Specs & Features:

  • 25mm Tank
  • 5.5ml Tank Capacity
  • 5/10 Adapter Included
  • GTA Structure with Chamber Close to Drip Tip for Flavor
  • Airflow Straight to Coil
  • Easy to Wick
  • Smooth Liquid Flow, No Leaks, No Burnt Taste



Black with gold lettering and features, and silver with black lettering and features.



  • Different color options
  • O-ring replacements in different colors available
  • 2 Allen key sizes
  • 5/10 drip tip adapter included
  • Four options for maximum control
  • Top fill unit
  • Adjustable air flow in top
  • Large capacity tank
  • Velocity style deck
  • Spare glass


Professional Review and Rating:

“Bottom of the tank, everything runs down to it…they did that to help out with the flavor production on it and I can say it’s been very flavorful.”

“It is a 25mm tank and it holds 5 1/2 ml of liquid…large capacity tank.”

“Top cap itself does have the adjustable air flow in it…they do include a 5/10 adapter for it.”

“The Fuji is a top fill. It’s nice, big wide open.”

“…clicks and stops at about four different options…You got four different options and then completely off if you want to close your air flow off.”

“See that’s real great on the flavor. These guys have been doing great.”

“DigiFlavor’s a perfect name for them I’d say because everything I’ve had from them has been very flavorful.”


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