WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Coil Master Ceramic Tweezer

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Coil Master Gear

Coil Master comes with a complete line of gear perfect for the e-cig enthusiast that wants to pimp their system or just make it more functional for everyday use. From their Coil Master P-Bag to Coil Master Battery Sleeves and their 316-L wires, they have plenty of gear and accessories to take your vaping cigarette experience to the next level… and keep it there.


Specs & Features:

  • Coil Master P-Bag: 4.33” x 3.54”, Canvas
  • Coil Master 316L Stainless Steel: 26 gauge, 30ft
  • Coil Master Dual 18650 Battery Sleeve: Silicone
  • Coil Master Ceramic Tweezers: Black Ceramic
  • Coil Master Fuse Clapton Coils: 60ct, Kantha 8ga x 2 + 32 gauge, 0.45 ohm, 3mm



Coil Master Battery Sleeve: Black with Green

Coil Master P-Bag: Camo, Blue, Black and Red

Coil Master 316L Wire: Stainless Steel Wire in a Black/Red Case

Coil Master Ceramic Tweezers: Black

Coil Master Fuse Clapton Coils: Wooden Box



Coil Master Battery Sleeve: Fits 18650 Extra e-Cig Batteries

Coil Master P-Bag: Slots for cotton, batteries, eLiquid, and vape kits

Coil Master 316L Wire: Stainless steel, 26 gauge, 30 feet long

Coil Master Fuse Clapton Coils: 60 Coils


Professional Review and Rating: 

“…pretty cool will be the Coil Master P-Bag…pocket space freed up instead of carrying mod and juice in your pocket. The P-Bag allows you to carry it with a little carabiner, or you actually have your belt loops on the back.”

“…nice place you can free up a pocket for your keys or phone or something instead of having it taking up…”

“…big effusion duo in there…”

“…still soft enough you can use your device while it’s in there, too.”

“…carrying extra batteries with you…You don’t want to stick a battery down your pocket where it could short out or something like that with exposed metal ends on there…Coil Master battery sleeves…rubberized silicone…put two of your 18650 batteries in there…protects the ends of them so they’re safe to put in your pocket…will help you from having to worry…protects your battery, and it protects you.”

“Another thing coming from Coil Master…some 316L wire…use it for your wattage mods…stainless is also good for temperature control…nice versatile wire…get for temperature control or wattage control…real good to build with.”

“If you’re going to build with coils, you may need a set of ceramic tweezers…Coil Master ceramic tweezers…ceramic ends are black…also have little screws there, so the ends are replaceable.”

“…Coil Master fuse Clapton coils…get a little glass phial with cork in the end of it. It has 10 coils pre-built in there for you. Nice looking little coils, little fuse claptons…28 gauge times two, so it’s a 28 gauge cord and wrapped with a 32 gauge on the Clapton…about 4.5 ohms per coil, so definitely a nice little subohm coil there.”


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