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Air China Pilots Fired, Lose Licenses For Vaping Midflight

air china flight

Chinese flight regulations banned smoking and e-cigarette use for both crew members and passengers in 2006

An Air China Boeing 737 was en route from Hong Kong to the Chinese city of Dalian when it had to drop 21,000 feet and deploy oxygen masks due to a sudden loss in cabin pressure. According to reports, the aircraft got down to as low as 10,000 feet before reascending and continuing to its destination....

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Summertime Vaping Battery Safety Tips

There is nothing cooling than vaping when the summer heat is hitting the hardest. However, for you to enjoy your summertime vaping sessions, you need to make some adjustments to stay safe and enjoy the vape. Noticeably, personal vaporizers and MOD batteries are packed with a lot of energy in a compacted space. This is true for devices that utilize lithium batteries. For you to enjoy vaping while remaining safe during these hot summer days, remember the following safety tips.

Never Leave Your Batteries in a Car

The high intensity summer heat is an enemy to your vaping batteries. During the days, with a scorching sun or hot weather, you should never leave...

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The Quick Ins and Outs of an RDTA

For the mechanical segment of the vaping world who prefer to build their own coils for the biggest clouds and soak their cotton in delicious e-liquid for the best flavor, the RDTA combines sub-ohm power and extra capacity...

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