WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Different Feels of Vapor


When you’re vaping, you expect and desire certain types of vapor feel as each hit passes through your mouth and down your throat. What you may not know is exactly how each type of vaporizer effects the feel of the vapor. This information may help you change what type of vape you use, or help you confirm that the vape you’re using is right.

Disposable E-Cigs

Disposable e-cigs, one of the most basic and accessible types you can buy, generally produce the least vapor of all types of vaporizers. The vapor produced generally gives a slightly rough throat hit, and is not as smooth as one would like. The feel of the vapor is aimed to be slightly reminiscent of the feel that smoke from an actual cigarette would give. However, since they are meant to be disposable, these e-cigs will differ vastly in quality and lifespan - both aspects that greatly change vapor feel.

Traditional E-Cigs
Traditional e-cigs can be differentiated by those that use e-liquids or cartridges. Traditional e-cigs that use vapors will give a huge range of vapor feels depending on the flavor, nicotine strength, and the vape’s ability to heat up the liquid to proper temperatures. Generally, e-liquid using traditional e-cigarettes will give a fairly smooth vapor feel. Cartridges have downsides not related to vapor feel - for example, cartridges cannot be mixed and matched between brands. In relation to vapor feel, cartridges will most likely have a slightly coarser vapor feel as they are more aimed toward beginners. E-liquid e-cigarettes will be more likely to give slightly smoother vapor, though the difference will be negligible.

Vape Pens
Vape pens are the first type of vaporizer in our list to truly be designed for optimized vapor feel and amount. The difference in feel between vape pens and traditional e-cigarettes will be immediately noticeable. Because vape pens heat up much more quickly and efficiently than e-cigs, the vapor produced is much more uniform and accessible. The only downsides of vape pens is the limited battery life and small chamber size, neither of which have anything to do with vapor quality.

Portable Vaporizers
Portable vapes can differ vastly in vapor quality. Since portable vapes can burn either e-liquid or dry herbs, the range of temperatures used is quite large and can affect the vapor feel. Dry herb vapes tend to have slightly harsher vapor feel, though those who use these types will swear that it is the best vapor they have ever tasted. E-liquid portable vaporizers will generally feel the same as normal vape pens, but will produce more vapor over a shorter period of time with a slightly nicer throat hit.

MODs are the powerhouses of the vaporizers, and they produce the vapor to show it. Incredible amounts of high quality vapor come from these behemoths. Though these vapes are not for the faint of heart, those who can master them can attest to the insane smoothness and blustery goodness of the MODs vapor.

The different varieties of vaporizer each have unique qualities that lend themselves to vapor feel and quality. The only true way to understand the properties of each type is through experimentation and curiosity. You will know exactly what is right for you when you pull that perfect hit of vapor after hours of learning and experimenting.