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Vaping's True Contribution To Our Troops

The smoking alternative called vaping has become very popular with our troops. It has made their lives easier especially when they’re deployed overseas. It’s a lot cleaner, less expensive, it relieves stress, and it’s just an overall better alternative. This among many other reasons can be attributed to why vaping is a lot better for a soldier instead of smoking cigarettes.

Smoking can block the lungs, which causes a decrease in speed and stamina. Second-hand smoke is also known to cause damage to those that’re around people that smoke because they breathe it in and the smell gets on their clothing. Since most soldiers don’t mind the smell of vaping, it has made it easier for soldiers to live together in close quarters. Also, it’s known that vaping helps people quit smoking. The results of this are typically good. There are still designated areas where people go to vape, but if the other soldiers do not mind, then people can vape around them.

Vaping also helps reduce the stress that soldiers feel from being away from their families for a long time. It helps them relax and take their minds off what is going on around them. There are other ways that vaping helps our troops like it being more inexpensive than smoking cigarettes and it also helps them be ready for combat.

During a deployment, a soldier can purchase their usual brand of cigarettes at the “PX Store.” Despite the fact that buying them at the PX is convenient, it’s very expensive. By vaping instead of smoking, the biggest expense a soldier has is buying the device itself.

Vaping also doesn’t affect a soldier being combat ready. What combat ready means is how prepared mentally and physically to fight in battle. Cigarettes can affect a soldier being ready to go to battle due to the fact that is negatively affects the cardiovascular system. It is also a well-known that soldiers that smoke cannot do their duties as well as soldiers that do not smoke. Vaping, on the other hand, helps a soldier become more ready for combat.

Since being ready for combat can totally be life or death for a soldier that’s in a combat situation, it would seem very important for them to vape. This is especially true because it can save their lives by making them mentally and physically alert.