WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

3 Advanced Tricks For Better Cloud Chasing Results

Cloud Chasing


Cloud Chasing is a new type of sport in vaping; a type of competition. It should really be limited to private vape shops, as some public places may not tolerate this type of thing. Making the biggest cloud is the goal. It’s happens as a worldwide competition and there are many prizes to be won, including cash. Cloud chasers, like car enthusiasts who are fixing their cars all the time to make it to the fastest race, are exploring the best way to make the largest cloud with their vaping machines!

If you’re going to join the Cloud Chasers there are a few things you will need to know first before you join the group, as this type of sport can be dangerous if you are not yet an expert at this. The key is to safely re-build the atomizers for the perfect setup so as not to injure yourself while you are building your biggest cloud!

Here are three advanced tricks for better Cloud Chasing:

Advanced Trick #1 Using: Battery and Mod
For better Cloud Chasing results, make sure you have a safe battery and mod. A mod is a bigger mechanical pen that’s on steroids; it’s more functional and designed to produce lots of vapor and increase the flavor of the e juice. Always make sure the mod is never overcharged and do not use a charger that does not come with your mod brand. In order to avoid possible fire, the coil-builds on your mod should be of low resistance. Do not misuse batteries, as that can cause a fire or an explosion, and do not leave the mod unattended at any time. Mechanical mods are not for beginners.

Advanced Trick #2 Having: The Airflow
There is a tricky balance so as to get the best clouds from the vape; getting the right airflow and without overheating the mod is Key in the formation of great clouds. If there’s not enough air escaping the mod, it could become a serious hazard and cause for a potential explosion. Also, if there is too much air getting in, the vapor clouds will become too thin. 

Advanced Trick #3 Having: The E-Liquid
One of the best blends recommended for preventing from getting a harsh throat is a mix of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). For Cloud Chasing, the VG should be composed of a heavy e-liquid which will create denser clouds. A ratio level of 70/30 VG to PG is for everyday vaping, however if you are heading for competition levels and need dense, thick clouds, it may be best to use a VG of 100%.

Cloud Chasing is a lot of fun although it can be dangerous. Those who want to pursue the vaping competition must do their homework first and make sure they follow all the guidelines for creating safe clouds. If the battery or device gets hot, do not use it, and always make sure you have taken all safety measures before you put the vape in front of your face and turn it on.