WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping to Quit Smoking? Join The Colossal Number Of Healthy People Who’ve Already Succeeded

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Countless surveys show more than half of all regular and recreational vapers are ex-smokers

Smoking is the leading cause of avoidable deaths worldwide. According to the CDC, the long-term effects of smoking cause harm to nearly every organ in the body. Understandably, smokers are making efforts to quit their cigarette habit in record numbers. But for many quitters the process can be punishing. Over half of Americans who either smoke or chew tobacco report nicotine dependence at some point in their lifetimes.

In the process of trying to quit, you've probably gone through nicotine patches, gum and inhalers that just aren't cutting it. Vaping is another story entirely; in the UK, smokers are encouraged to vape daily to increase their chances of quitting for good. Vapes are considered Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) medical devices and prescribed to patients often. But how does vaping nicotine help you kick cigarettes? In this post, we walk you through every step of the process.


How to Quit Smoking with Vapes

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If you don't have one already, the first thing to do is buy yourself a vape MOD. It's best to go for vapes that use refillable tanks instead of cartridges, so you get all the flexibility you need in terms of nicotine dosage.

Start Off Strong

When you first shop e-liquids, go for juice with the highest level nicotine content. This is so you're less susceptible to onsets of withdrawal anxiety, which is how many attempts to quit end up failing. Take your time until you're well accustomed to your vape, and no longer pining for traditional cigarettes.

The First Step Down

The idea is to go about this process at your own pace, which can take weeks or months at each stage. When you feel ready, move down a nicotine level. The first step down is always the worst, so you'll notice the drop in content immediately. This is where a little self-control comes in; stay consistent and wait until you get adjusted before your next step down.

Going Low-Nic

When you're ready to move down to low level nicotine e-juice, you'll definitely know it. After you've psychologically gotten through the agitation of moving from high to medium level juice, you'll notice your nicotine cravings are significantly reduced. This is because your chemical dependence is breaking, which is a very good thing.

Going No-Nic

It might seem unthinkable as you read this, but it really won't be if you take the time to balance out completely in the previous steps. Remember to move between juice levels at a pace you, personally, are comfortable with. Don't be afraid to take several months before you change levels; it's better than failing the attempt to quit, getting back on cigarettes and then having to start the process all over again later.


Best Vapes to Quit Smoking

In most cases, smokers ditch traditional cigarettes for vapes in order to get control of their cravings by reducing overall nicotine intake. Some might not mind their current intake at all, and are simply looking to avoid the health risks of combustible cigarettes by opting for vapor-based nicotine delivery.

When making the switch, you'll want to get the right vape MOD for your desired usage. If you're new to vaping and looking for a straightforward experience, then pen-style vapes like the Kanger Evod Pro are right for you. Their compact construction, moderate power and decent battery life get the job done without too much setup required on your part. They have less bells and whistles, less versatility and smaller tanks than box MODs, but they're perfect for the simple purpose of weaning yourself off of nicotine completely.

If you're looking forward to diving headlong into the world of vaping and prefer to have full control over every aspect of your experience, go for box MODs like the Smok Alien Mod. Box MODs have considerably more power, features, versatility and battery life than vape pens. The drawback is that they also take a little more work to set up, and require a knowledge of Ohm's law and variable wattage to operate. This adds a bit of a learning curve to box MODs, but you'll be rewarded with perfect flavor and a fully tailored vape experience if you put in the time. Box MODs are great for people looking to vape socially, and not necessarily eliminate nicotine from their lives altogether.

The toss-up between regulated and unregulated MODs is a matter of preference. Go for regulated mods if you prefer increased battery life and better safety ratings, or try unregulated mods for increased range of customization over your power settings.


Vaping Without Nicotine: Is There a Point?

The number of vapers who vape nicotine-free juices might surprise you. Many ex-smokers who vape use low to no-nic juices after curbing their dependency, and are content to dig into the industry's multitude of e-liquid flavors.

There are plenty of occasions to vape socially as well. Vape exhibitions and competitions are great examples, where participants perform tricks with vapor. For competitive vapers or "cloud chasers," less propylene glycol (which is the carrier medium for nicotine in e-liquid) means more vapor. Many cloud chasers practice and perform with zero nicotine e-liquids for better performance.

Because e-liquids are comprised of little more than propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, vaping is perfect for controlling sugar cravings. Vape manufacturers and e-cigarette companies produce new flavors every month including fruit, pastry and dessert-based flavors that are perfect for a summer or fitness diet. By vaping low or no-nic juices, you can curb nicotine and sugar cravings simultaneously.

Virtually every smoker and ex-smoker can tell you that smoking addiction is about more than nicotine. This is likely the reason most e-liquid manufacturers provide their products in at least four different levels of nicotine content. Once successfully weaned off of nicotine addiction, you can stick with either low-nic, no-nic or CBD juice and never miss a cigarette.