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What's Up With All These MOD Customizations?

Year in year out, there have been great advancements seen in the vaping scene. One of such advancements have especially been towards MODs. As most of you know, these devices refer to vaping devices that allow for variable wattages and voltages while vaping. In addition, they also allow for sub-ohm vaping. In the past few years, effort has been made to see to it that MODs become more efficient and accommodate all kinds of vapers. This has been done through the customization of MODs.

Temperature Control
In the market today, you’ll find MODs customized so that they’re able to control the device’s temperature. Temperature control refers to the ability to set certain heat levels on your vaping device which your coil cannot exceed. What this setting does is that each time your coil exceeds this temperature, it’ll automatically adjust the settings or won’t allow more heat until the coil’s temperature lowers to the pre- set temp.

Fixed Wattage
In fixed wattage MODs, the batteries power is set such that only a fixed amount is released to heat the coil. However, with these types of MODs, a vaper can use any level of resistance for their coils.

Battery Safety
Customization has also been done in MODs in order to protect the batteries. With these, you cannot vape if the batteries are low. If this happens, you’re forced to charge your batteries before you can use your device.

Regulated Sub-Ohm Vaping 
Customized MODs also enhance regulated sub-ohm vaping. If the coil resistance is too low, again the MOD will refuse to fire. This allows the vaper to have a regulated vape while also maintaining safety of the mod

Reasons for MODs Customization
One of the major reasons behind MOD customization is safety. They’re customized so as to enhance both the safety of vapers and of those around them. Additionally, the customizations are also for the purpose of lengthening battery life and the life of coils and wicks. This is bound to save the vaper enormous costs.

MODs have been the perfect way for vapers to maximize their vaping experience. This is because it allows control of the vapers over their vaping. However, even as they do so, they need to protect themselves and their devices. That’s why recent technology has enabled the customization of them in various ways in order to achieve this goal.