WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping in the Morning vs. Vaping in the Evening


If you enjoy vaping, perhaps you’ve wondered if there are any differences regarding a morning or evening vape. While there seems to be no obvious advantages or disadvantages to AM or PM vaping, ultimately it depends on the individual.

Some individuals swear that vaping’s the best way to start a morning and this initial vape is always their favorite of the day. They may enjoy menthol in the morning with their coffee, insisting that it boosts their energy. Others feel that nothing compares to taking a few puffs on their electronic cigarette or MOD before a morning shower! 

While some feel that they can face anything once they’ve their morning vape, others may experience a rasping, dry throat by starting their day doing this. Some experience this even if using a leisurely, cool vapor but find that drinking a glass of water or brushing their teeth may alleviate it. For others, nothing rids their parched throat feeling.

On the other hand, vaping in the evening may be all that one needs. This group loves to settle in bed with their vaporizer with a good book under zillions of blankets. Watching their vaping haze before bedtime makes them feel like they’re floating on a cushiony cloud, and it does nothing to prevent them from sleeping. You may find that you stay up later vaping, but have no problem sleeping because you are indeed tired. Some state that they sleep better because of their bedtime ritual of vaping. 

You may be among those who feel that they experience sleeping problems resulting from evening vaping. After turning out the lights, individuals may have issues falling asleep and when they eventually do, they often wake up every few hours and cannot return to a peaceful sleep, no matter how tired they are. For some, their evening vape might be causing it or perhaps it’s simply caused by having too many things going around in the mind. 

Since vaping affects everyone differently, you should consider what vaping time works best for you. If you seem to get more energy from vaping you might not want to do it in the evening, but if you do, vape at least three hours before calling it a day. However, if a smooth vape relaxes you and you’ve no issues with insomnia, then it should be fine to do it in the evening.

Everyone’s different though and chemicals don’t affect everyone in the same way.