WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The New Generation of Vapers


As times have changed throughout history, so have ideas and goals. Each generation throughout all of human existence has continuously strived to be better and more advanced than the last. Examples of this can be seen more than ever in the 21st century. Modernism, openness, and an explosion of technological creativity are the hallmarks of the late 1980 early 2000 generation. New and convenient solutions to previous problems are finally being solved, and the idea of taking technology to a new level’s finally beginning to take priority. This couldn’t be truer than with the vaping industry.

During the last 10 years, we’ve seen an enormous increase in vapers, most of these people being that of the newer generations. But with these generations came a new and young strive towards expression, creativity, rights, and rebellion. Which’s why this couldn't be any better of a time for the vaping industry.

The new generation’s striving towards technological advancements. The idea of using and creating technology for extreme ease and convenience has skyrocketed in popularity. Vaping, in this sense, has also grown in popularity, taking away all the previous distastes about cigarette smoking, and using technology to remove those faults. The last generations have had the mindset that futuristic technology can bring nothing but positive results, and therefore vaping can't help but fall in this popular category.

The new generation is also motivated to express themselves in creative ways. Leaps have been made in the newer generations towards expression of ones-self, and creative expression through art. Vaping adds an ability of creative expression that the youth of my generation find ideal. An explosion of more advanced coils and cartridges, and thousands of creative e-liquid flavors have been flying on and then off the shelves just in the last 5 years. Newer colors and textures for devices, and larger more advanced designs give vapers the ability to customize how and what they vape. E-liquids are even gauged by nicotine percentage so that those who aren’t dependent on the substance can enjoy all that vaping has to offer.

The new generation is the backbone for the vaping industry. Their constant need for advancement and expression gives vaping businesses the ability to constantly take this industry to new levels and push boundaries that couldn't be pushed before. They’re the next generation of lawyers, scientists, and inventors, and they’ll lead this world, and vaping, into the future.