WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping vs. Smoking In the Car

There are a lot of smokers out there who enjoy smoking in their cars, as it allows them to relieve some stress on the drive to or from work; or even being able to relax while on a road trip can be a pleasant experience to them. Even though smoking in the car might be enjoyable to them, there are some significant downsides that should be considered.

With the temperatures rising across the country as we head towards summer, all that smoke can make it hard for the passenger who doesn’t smoke to breathe. Common sense and etiquettes people. You see, even if the car’s air conditioning system is on and the window is slightly cracked on the driver's side, that’s just going to make it worst because it’s blowing the smoke even harder at the passenger(s)in the car. Opening a window might help with some minor relief of the smoke, but then again, there’s still the issue to deal with when it comes to the flicking of ash everywhere along with that odor, which will cover next.

First, the ashes that come from traditional cigarettes can cause some possible damage to the integrity, design, and aesthetics of your car. Ashes in the ashtray, on the seats, and even on the floor can be quite unpleasant for the passengers inside the vehicle and in my opinion, unsanitary to even sit in.

Now, smoking traditional cigarettes will leave a rancid, pervasive odor in the car, as most of you already know. Both cloth and leather seats will be effected by the smoke, and the smell’s likely to hang around for a while at least. Besides that awful smell that’s uncomfortable for the other people, you might have to deal with the resale value on the car, which can possibly be a hard negotiation. When attempting to sell or trade-in a vehicle that has a lingering smell of cigarette smoke, it might turn away buyers because it’s extremely difficult to remove, and they don’t want to go through trying to get rid of the smell that was created by the owner of the vehicle to begin with.

Finally, and perhaps the most dangerous risk of smoking traditional cigarettes in the car can be second-hand smoke when there are children or pets in the vehicle, as this can be particularly damaging to them. Advise: DO NOT SMOKE IN THE CAR WHEN YOU HAVE CHILDREN OR PETS RIDING WITH YOU. It’s not fair to them to have to breathe in the harmful chemicals and toxins that come from cigarette smoking.

Fortunately, vaping can rectify all of these issues. When you choose an electronic cigarette or Mod for example from MyFreedomSmokes, it won’t create disgusting odors that linger and permanently affect your interior of your car. You won’t have to worry about second hand-smoking concerns because it’s not smoke, it’s vapor. Also, no need to worry about damaging the vehicle. And of course, there’s no lighter required as they’re all electronic devices.

So as you can see, vaping’s a safer and just overall better alternaitve than smoking traditional cigarettes inside the car.