WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping: Always Something New to Learn

Vaping seems overwhelming when one begins the trending habit. Despite the complicated vaping linguistics, devices, and specialized accessories, anyone can pick up the hobby and enjoy it without stressing over the complex options available on the market.

Vaping's very individualized, therefore, there will always be personal growth for either the novice or the expert as they invest in the habit. Some techniques may be enjoyable to one and offensive to another, just like some e-juices are off-putting to some vapers and praised by others. With time, practice, and patients any level vaper can learn techniques that best fit their personal preferences.

Inhaling the vapor from a MOD or electronic cigarette isn't the same as inhaling a hit off of a cigarette or cigar. Many first time vapers are not aware that despite the nicotine content, stigmas of vaping as a replacement for tobacco products, and the media’s presentation of vapes, the hobby's quite unique and separate from traditional tobacco smoking habits. When hitting their vaping device, one must activate the battery to produce the needed energy to heat, and vaporize the e-juice.

I remember first time hitting a simple non-complicated vape; I was sucking it like one would a straw. It wasn't a pleasurable experience. However, rather quickly I caught on to different techniques for inhaling. Taking long slow drags without my mouth completely covering the tip allowed me to get the best hit from my vape. Harder hits made for a more prominent feeling in my throat, while softer hits were more for flavor.

Does this method work for all vapes? No. It takes some time and willingness to play around with the devices to learn what type of inhalation method best suits each person. Starting with a simple device with no control options for wattage, voltage, or temperature allowed me to practice vaping before getting into complicated and expensive ones.

Others however, prefer to control their vaping from the start, beginning with MODS that feature the most advanced settings. When beginning, start by trying different e-juices, learn to maintain the device, and discover what accessories are available for it.

No matter what level of experience, the novelty of vaping means that new methods, devices, and techniques are arising daily. Therefore, no matter the how much experience the vaper has, there's always a new technique to learn, practice, and enjoy.