For those of you that’re not into sub-ohm vaping, there’s much to know about the power you need to get a safe and effective vape. Venting batteries have been in the news, as mistakes have been made by vapers that just don't get it.

Batteries are a deciding factor on what is safe to build and install on your preferred build deck. The actual amperage of the battery is going to be your best indicator as to whether or not you should use it. 

The coils you choose to run, and how you build them will change the ohms resistance. If you build 2 coils identically, meaning same gauge wire and wrap count, but have short leads on one and long on the other, the latter of the two will have a higher resistance. Also know that if you build two 1 Ohm coils and install both, your resistance is doubled, leaving you at .5 ohms.

You need to know Ohm's Law and Watt's Law. These are a must, because in knowing them you can avoid damage to your devices and yourself. There are plenty of ways to obtain information from internet searches to formal training, and making sure you understand before you build is crucial. It’s the responsibility of the builder to perform the task flawlessly and safely. 

Most regulated MODs can check your build, so you don't need a tester. Still, make sure you test it so that you know how to set up your MOD. Don't forget to do this as you can really damage your device and batteries. 

For an unregulated MOD, you need to know what the resistance rating is, that way, you can pair the MOD and build with batteries designed to handle the load. On an unregulated MOD, never assume that a pulse rating is's not! This can be a fatal mistake, as there’ve been recent incidences where injuries have occurred.

There’s room for more builders and modern masters of their trade. No master has ever accomplished their level of success by guessing or assuming something would work. It takes time and a vast education to make it to the level of master. So if you’re willing to take the time to learn what it takes, it can be very rewarding.

Vaping is under enough scrutiny from multiple angles and opponents, so let’s not give more of a reason to keep vaping under the proverbial microscope. Build your reputation by being safe, responsible, and being knowledgeable about what it takes have an effective vape experience.