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Can Too Much PG Be a Bad Thing?

Vaping has definitely taken the world of smoking by storm. People are becoming more and more apt to pick up an e-cigarette rather than the traditional cigarettes in today's society. However, as with every new technology, the safety of these products are being heavily scrutinized by individuals and professionals alike. E-liquids contain propylene glycol, which some may believe can cause seriously harmful effects if used over a long period of time. This is a substance that has been used in different products and is generally considered safe for use by the Food and Drug Administration.

Propylene Glycol is the substance that makes up the majority of e-liquids. This substance is responsible for the vapor that’s exhaled during the vaping process. From a professional point of view, this product has been approved in many of the everyday products that consumers use. It’s considered safe to use and has a very low toxicity warning. When used in high doses, though, some people are concerned that this could provide adverse reactions to every day vape users. Propylene Glycol is a colorless and odorless compound that companies have relied on to make beauty products for a long time. The substance doesn’t initiate any serious skin irritation, making it ideal for these types of products.

Propylene Glycol has been known to show some mild side effects. Dry mouth or increased thirst are the main side effects that some vape users have reported. Although it is rare, there may be few users that experience a sort of allergic reaction to the ingredient. Continuous studies have been conducted on this substance in response to the high use among consumers. In response to heavy consumption, PG is metabolized at a fast rate, making it difficult to accumulate large amounts in the body before getting rid of what’s already present.

To date, there have been no results that definitely confirm any serious harmful effect from long term use of e-liquids containing PG. It’s definitely not recommended to have too much of anything in the body at one time, but the amounts that are inhaled during vaping aren't likely to have any serious health effects.