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The Vaping 'Modder' Day Culture is Gaining Ground

Since the emergence of vaping, both cigarette and dry herb smokers have found a way to indulge their hobby in a better manner. Its obvious benefits over the harmful analog alternative has allowed the industry to make waves in today's culture. As people become more familiar with the hobby, their satisfaction with the standard generic product dwindles and pushes them to look beyond.

This is where 'modding' comes into play. Due to their modular design consisting of a battery, a case, and the coil that actually evaporates the liquid or dry herb in question, vape enthusiasts are starting to assemble their devices themselves.

This up-and-coming 'modding' culture is the result of some clear-cut consequences of daily vaping. You see, people's desires for a tailored experienced pushes them to find a personal solution themselves. When it comes to ‘modding’, it can also be cheaper to purchase a high-end vaping device in the long-run if you assemble it yourself. But more importantly than even that, is the ability to do this, as it’s incredibly fun for those who want to simply create.

MODs that take in e-liquids are usually bought for their customizable drip tips. Even though there’s a lot to be chosen in terms of cases and batteries, most people agree that this is fundamentally a question of aesthetic preference coupled with battery life specifications. Longer battery life usually leads to a bigger vape, where a shorter battery life allows for a more compact vaping experience. A lot of modders seem to be mostly intrigued by the ability to wrap their own coils for the drip tip – it’s an endeavor comparable to an art. The type of coil you wrap influences the vaping experience. This can become fascinatingly intricate, so it’s best to explore various content creators on YouTube who can teach you about the ins and outs of the different coils.

Dry herb MODs involve similar aspects to nicotine MODs. The type of coil you use influences the heat subjected to your dry herbs. Ideally, your dry herb should be just hot enough to evaporate its active ingredients without causing the matter to combust. It helps to assemble your own MOD for the reason that most generic dry herb vape attachments release too much heat and combust your material, which defeats the purpose of vaping in the first place.

All in all, this ‘modding' culture has brought a series of benefits to all types of vapers. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or are trying to tailor your vaping experience, this is exactly the kind of activity and vape culture you wanna jump into.