WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Top 3 Misconceptions About Portable Vaporizers



It’s easy for everyone - vapers and non-vapers alike - to have misconceptions about what portable vaporizers are really about. Rumors spread more quickly than facts, and rumors about vaping abound. We’re here to clear up the three most common misconceptions about portable vaporizers especially if you are planning to get the best ones.

Misconception #1: Portable Vaporizers Only Exist For Weed

We’ve all heard this one. Though this doesn’t just apply to portable vapes - think about all those times you’ve heard desk vapes, MODs, and other types referred to in relation to marijuana - this is by far one of the most common rumors about them. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

The real deal is that portable vaporizers were originally designed for hardcore vapers to be able to continue their vaping habit throughout normal, daily life. Because vaping was designed as a substitute for traditional smoking, the portable vape was made with the idea that vapers would carry it throughout the day to replace the generic pack of cigarettes. Only recently did the portable vape become associated with stoners, but those who do not see the history of the portable vape are missing out on key aspects of the culture.

Misconception #2: People Who Use Portable Vapes Are Rude

This can be one of the biggest pet peeves of vapers all around the world. Countless times you’ve overheard someone passing by saying, “Ew, vapers are so rude. They always blow their smoke in my face.” These people are probably referring to vapers who use portable vapes, as the vapers you will see out and about will be using portables. However, you probably know from personal experience that this could not be more wrong. Sure, there are a few vapers who are extremely narrow-minded and will vape without regard for non-vapers, but they're the minority. Most vapers will make sure they don't vape where they'll be inconvenient to the general public, as they know how annoying vapor clouds can be to most non-vapers. 

Misconception #3: Portable Vaporizers Always Need To Be Charged

Vapers who are considering getting a portable vape will hear their vaping friends say how inefficient portables are. They’ll have stories about how they were used once and needed to be charged immediately. They’ll tell you tales about how the vapor feel was terrible, how battery life is terrible, and more. The problem? They’re completely wrong.

While these stories may have been true during the advent of portable vapes, the technology has progressed unbelievably since then. Portable vapes can now last multiple days on a single charge. The vapor feel is almost identical to non-portable vapes, and the power is just as good as other vapes.

Of course, these aren’t the only misconceptions people hold about portable vapes. These are simply the most common three that you may hear. Now you can easily disprove these false ideas, and show exactly how amazing portable vapes can be.