WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Handling Vaping Trash Talkers

Smoking in all its forms is a controversial subject for the vast majority of the public, but the vaping industry seems to be coming in for some unwarranted abuse at the hands of those who wish to halt smoking altogether. Vaping is the latest area of smoking (even though it’s not really smoking) that seems to be under attack as anti-smoking campaigners and politicians look to ban it as they compare it traditional cigarettes. For anyone who has vaped will know this is a completely different act and experience over traditional cigarette smoking, which a large number of experts see as far more beneficial compared to smoking a traditional cigarette.

Trash talking about electronic cigarettes has become the norm for many who’re looking to change the minds of a person who vapes, is thinking about vaping, or who gets offended by the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces. Smoking a traditional cigarette is anti-social and dangerous to the health of those around the smoker. However, a little research shows vaping has fewer dangerous chemicals involved in its usage and reduces the risks of secondhand smoking causing health problems for those around the person vaping. The array of different ingredients involved in the production of a traditional cigarette produces more than 60 unhealthy chemicals when burned that’re released into the environment. Vaping uses a tank filled with liquid nicotine that’s not burned, but vaporized. The main compound released through vaping is water with only a small number of chemicals released in low quantities.

Trash talkers often discuss the dangerous antisocial aspects of smoking when they look to bash this industry. However, vaping produces very little odor and no smoke to offend anybody, in cases where a fruit flavored nicotine liquid is vaped, the small amount of scent produced can be pleasant. Reminding a trash talker of the lack of antisocial aspects to vaping is a good way of showing the vaping industry has had a positive effect on the world and the environment.

One of the main areas where a trash talker will look to win an argument is over the health of the smoker. E-cigarettes can actually reduce the amount of nicotine inhaled as a smoker simply inhales until their craving has subsided and then puts away their device, which again leads to less nicotine inhaled.

So there you have it. I can give you more ways such as in the long run the amount of money you could save by switching to vaping, but I think these should do for now.