WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wrestlers Getting Into Vaping


The roar of the crowd gets the adrenaline going. The excitement is in the air, the pyro techniques going off, the theme music blasting, smoke everywhere; it all hits you in an avalanche of sensory overload. As soon as that wrestler makes his entrance the flashbulbs start going off and it feels like the earth is shaking, with the thunderous applause and stomping of thousands of feet as the wrestler gets closer to the ring rising with each step. Once the two combatants meet each other in the center of the ring and the bell goes off that’s when the fun really begins.

Wrestlers live for the thrill of stepping into that squared circle in front of thousands of people in attendance, and untold millions watching at home. So on their time off, it is not surprising that they would enjoy the ecstasy and relaxing bliss of vaping. In recent years a lot of well-known and highly regarded professional wrestlers have adopted vaping into their daily routines. Everyday more and more wrestlers are embracing the practice and singing its praises.

So why is it that so many wrestlers enjoy vaping? Each does it for their own personal reasons, but here we have a few of the most vocal and highly visible proponents of the movement away from traditional cigarettes and strong support of e-cigarette use to properly distill the core reasons that make vaping so superior to smoking cigarettes.

Willie McClinton Jr. better known by his ring name ‘’Willie Mack’’ is a professional wrestler currently working the independent circuit, most noticeably for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. A proud user since 2012, Willie Mack has stated that he feels vaping has helped with his in-ring performance as it is a less toxic and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Paul Randall Wight, Jr. aka ‘’The Big Show’’ is a huge name in professional wrestling. The Big Show has wrestled for WCW and WWE, having won numerous titles over the years in those organizations. The Big Show has been seen plenty of times in various different public settings smoking e-cigs, causing others to become curious about vaping and wanting to try it out for themselves.

Óscar Gutiérrez known world-wide by his ring name ‘’Rey Mysterio’’ is a multi-champion wrestler with over 25 years of in-ring experience currently working for Lucha Underground. Although relatively new to the world of vaping, he and fellow wrestler ‘’Konnan’’ have fully embraced the lifestyle and are serving as ambassadors to the non-initiated. Rey Mysterio has started up his own collection, the Big Dripper V2 rdta's by Sub Ohm Innovations being one of his most prominent possessions. Rey Mysterio prefers dripping as he feels that is the best way to vape as it enhances the flavors.

Vaping and Wrestling have become intertwined in ways never thought of before, and it is only going to get bigger as awareness spreads. Vaping is more affordable and better than cigarettes, not to mention the nice smells vaping produces. The wrestles know this and that is why they love vaping.