WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Growing Popularity of Vaping Selfies


The vaping community is starting to show off their vaporizers and MODS in their selfies and it’s starting a trend amongst the younger generation. The reason for them doing these selfies isn’t just to pass the time by but instead make a bigger statement. A vaping selfie can have multiple meanings beyond the average selfie picture that’s taken and/or posted on social media.

Different Messages In Vaping Selfies

The ‘Overcoming Cigarettes’ Message

Some people have had a past of smoking tobacco cigarettes but now are vaping. The message they’re sending on social media or just standard selfies is a message that shows overcoming an obstacle in their lives. They’re showing others that they’ve stopped smoking and have pursued a better alternative. It’s also doing more than just drawing attention, it’s showing their accomplishment by telling others they can do it too!

Showing-Off Your MOD

In the vaping community, there are people that purchase their devices all together or create their own custom builds. A person who just purchases their new kit may want to take a selfie to show-off their device to others on their social media pages. A more seasoned vaper that builds their own may want to show-off their creation to get attention for their custom-made vaping device for everyone to see. The end-game here in both scenarios is to obviously show-off what they’re using.

Look At Those Clouds

There are cloud chasers in the vaping community that love to show-off the amount of vapor that’s released from their device. These people that do 'vape cloud selfies' as I like to call them, love the attention they draw from these awesome clouds they make. If you do a GOOGLE search say for ‘vape clouds’ or 'vaping selfies' even, you’ll immediately see hundreds upon hundreds of cloud selfies. It’s crazy but fun to watch sometimes as you get to see the different ones they do.

The selfie has become more popular all over the world than ever before in the history of taking pictures and vaping has become part of the selfie world as you’ll continue to see for years to come.