WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Can You Vape and Workout?

This is a pertinent question that a former smoker who has switched to vaping, a better alternative to smoking cigarettes, has in mind. There are so many myths and stories that have been told by different people concerning vaping and its effects on aerobic exercises and weight training. Below are some important facts that’ll help you discern whether you can vape and workout.

Feeling out of Breath

One of the major benefits you get when you switch to vaping as opposed to smoking is the ability to stop running out of breath when working out. Vaping enables your body to only inhale vapor that’s free from the various irritants that come with the smoke from a traditional cigarette. These irritants are responsible for causing one to run out of breath and therefore, vaping can allow one to go about their workout sessions with ease.


As vaping doesn’t affect a person's cardiovascular system in a negative way, it’s a better alternative as it produces an energetic high when compared with cigarette smoking. If you wish to vape before your workout session, there will be no noticeable negative effect on your workouts. However, ensure you vape using a low temperature as it leaves your body in an energetic state. This will be important as you require this energy for jogging, weight lifting, as well as other sporting exercises you could be doing.

If you prefer to vape after you’re done with your workout session, ensure that you vape at high temperatures. This will in turn stimulate the releasing of CBDs which help a great deal in decreasing the soreness feeling after a workout that’s intense. This will help your body relax well after the intense workout session.

Considering the views above on whether one can vape and workout at the same time, it’s evident that it’s in fact a great combination. It’s possible to do both. There are people though who do claim that they’re able to endure intense workouts without feeling burnt-out when they vape prior to working out. Bottom line, your body will need to be the judge of all this when you do your workouts.