WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Quick Ins and Outs of an RDTA

For the mechanical segment of the vaping world who prefer to build their own coils for the biggest clouds and soak their cotton in delicious e-liquid for the best flavor, the RDTA combines sub-ohm power and extra capacity reserve. An RDTA provides the enjoyment of the best vaping experience while saving time on refilling a shallow juice well.

RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. Referred to as an auto-dripper because when you press down from the drip tip, the juice drips on to your wick. There’s no need to pull off the top cap and drip onto the wick constantly. The deck typically comes in 22 or 24 mm diameter and has the two or three post single coil design with room to build.

Coils can be built and rebuilt to preferred specs just like the regular RDA. There are no manufactured coils compatible with any RBA, however, pre-built coils can be used.

It may take some practice to line up the coils with the air holes depending on the specific unit. While every device has its flaws, leaking should not be an issue. However, to avoid leaks put cotton over each of the juice flow holes. Keep the atomizer upright or be sure to close off (usually four) air holes when not in use, again to avoid leaks and wasting liquid.

The tank component is available between 2 – 7 ml capacity to hold e-juice. Most are top fill or many have the side fill option. There are tanks in the form of a squeeze bottle that upon squeeze pushes juice up from the bottom to fill the well.

The vaping industry just like any technological sector comes out with something new on a weekly if not daily basis. And while each new product seems ingenious, more than likely there will be improvements to the design of the RDTA but for now the RDTA proves the evolution and the smarts of vaping is here to stay.