Looking cool while vaping is a true talent evinced by only a select few. A DJ is the perfect counterpoint to anyone practicing different vaping skills. People are drawn into raves and scenes by the pulsating music therein. But a DJ can make a show out of their role, making them a focal point of the event. Scratching records and mixing music is part of the profession. Vape hardware fans should take note and work on similar tricks while they inhale.

Let The Crowd Enjoy The Experience: Vaping has the advantage of featuring several distinctive flavors. Crowds may note different hints waft by while someone is using their device. That gets them aware and even interested in these products. Experienced users often want to discuss their hobby and its advantages to society.

Show-Off And Enjoy The Attention: Despite the use of vapor, an impressive cloud can be exhaled. Some are able to use the vapor to breath out unique shapes. Circular shapes can be huffed outward and shown off to an attentive audience. Bubbles may even be blown, filled with cloudy vapor. Users have dubbed these bubbles as "vape Jellyfish". Some of the e-cig pens are even impressive in their own right.

Enroll In A New Contest: Vaping experts may have honed some surprising skills that can be awarded. Major contests include names such as Vape Happy and VC Cloud Championships. Each trick may be videotaped and an interview could be conducted afterwards. Participants have to be confident in their abilities while they vape. The DJ metaphor is just enough to get users practicing their mad skills. That elevates them to a new standing in the community based around these tournaments.

So like a DJ, these types of skills in the vaping world can definitely draw some attention!