The temperature controlled MOD has truly revolutionized the vaping experience. Vaping in essence is really taking a liquid and heating it until it goes through changes its state and enters into a vapor form. Different temperatures are needed depending on the formula and mixing ratios of the e-liquid.

How would you like to quit burning your coils? How would you like to never burn your e-liquid again so you don't have to suffer that terrible taste? These things can be accomplished by having more control over the atomizer, specifically by dialing in the temperature that tastes and feels better to you with your particular e-liquid.

The ability to adjust the temperature at which you’re vaping allows you to further enjoy the device's ability to help find what I like to call, “the sweet spot”. The sweet spot is the actual temperature that best fits the e-liquid that you’re vaping on for any given occasion.

Another benefit of this new technology is safety, because by controlling the thermal electric input to the coil, we're actually making a device run well below its limits.

The old way to control your vapor was by how long you push the button or by changing the coils or an adjustment in the voltage. Nothing really gave me the precise control, which this new technology does. Anyone who's been vaping for a while, understands that the body of the vapor is greatly changed by the ratio of the mix and the ingredients.

If you’ve a lot of vegetable glycerin (VG) in your mix, you’ll actually get less vapor and possibly need to heat up a little more. Also, flavoring ingredients and different non-nicotine e-liquids will also have a different point. This greatly increases the need for precise control. Some new temperature regulating MODS even come with memory that allows you to go back to the same setting and to basically bookmark your sweet spot.

So, as you can see, temperature controlled MODS have greatly improved in technology since coming on the scene. And again, one of the main benefits is precise control with the ability to quickly dial in the temperatures that’re best suited to your vaping needs.

Infact, the amount of money saved on replacing wicks, coils and e-liquid will quickly pay for the cost of the MOD. Anyone who’s into vaping should try out a temperature controlled MOD. Because once you do, you’ll most likely never go back to the old way again.