WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Can Vaping Really Give You More Energy?

Vaping is oftentimes recommended to high volume cigarette smokers as an alternative because of its safer design and the low-risk of secondhand smoke. We all know it’s definitely a better option than regular smoking, but most people are oftentimes confused as to whether it can actually help give you energy or not.

With that said, it’s time to answer this question: Can Vaping Really Give You More Energy?

There’s no specific research that dictates whether vaping gives you a significant energy boost or not. The truth is that the device you use and the amount of e-liquid you use both cause different feelings physically in your body and how you feel after vaping. Based on research, you'll find that vaping can definitely be a bit dehydrating in a sense because of the nicotine and the vapor. This is why you need to be drinking lots of water before and after your vaping sessions to stay hydrated.

While vaping may not exactly be capable of giving you tons of energy, there are several e-liquids that are meant to help give you that boost in energy. I know that seems a bit weird when read that, right? Well, some e-liquids have essential amino acids, taurine, and other natural extracts like caffeine and guarana to help perk you up and instantly stimulate your mental alertness and energy level. Of course, it's important to remember that not all e-liquids provide this same feeling and experience. Most people recommend to have a consistent amount of water intake throughout the day, a healthy diet, and just the right type of e-liquid in your vaping device to really experience that extra energy.

To answer the main question, the general answer is that it isn't going to give you a ton of energy. Do not vape in hopes of getting energy since it doesn't exactly do that, but some e-liquids can help provide you more energy. It’ll push you to feel more invigorated and maybe a bit more energetic if you’ve been smoking cigarettes. If you smoke cigarettes, you'll feel more sluggish and dehydrated than usual, but you'll find that vaping’s definitely a better alternative than traditional smoking. It obviously feels less stressful on the lungs than normal cigarette smoking.