WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Temperature of The Battery Makes a Difference



Batteries are a simple exchange of chemical energy into electrical energy. The more often you recharge and drain this chemical process the battery will naturally lose its effectiveness. However, there are certain factors that you can control that will affect the life of your battery. If you actively work to mitigate these environmental factors you can save batteries and money. The two things that will decrease the power of your batteries most commonly are temperature and watt output.

As the vaping device drains the battery, the voltage will drop. You want to try to keep the voltage within a normal range, or the wattage will change and cause a cooler coil. If you've a device that measures watt output, make sure it's within a safe range of the battery you use. Take the batteries voltage output and calculate using ohms law the wattage you want. If your watt output is too high, then your battery will drain faster than normal and cause it to malfunction. You can find the proper watt range for your battery online as long as you know the chemical components. Some typical batteries are nickel–cadmium, lithium-cobalt, and zinc–bromine batteries. 

If you continue to demand more voltage from the battery than what's safe, you'll get a dangerously high voltage. High voltage will cause the battery to overheat, which over time damages your battery's effectiveness. 

Did you know the ideal temperature to store batteries is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit? Anything above that and you are risking your batteries creating a perpetual charge. When a battery begins to release energy, the heat will make the chemical reaction work even harder. This process causes massive pressure within the battery. This pressure damages the chemical reaction within the battery from recharging fully and regulating its voltage output. The more often you use a battery that overheats, the shorter time a battery will last. When you store batteries make sure that they stay in a cool and dry space. Keep in mind the temperature of the storage area on certain days and in inclement weather. Attics, basements, and even temporarily in a hot car can cause permanent damage. 

Remember, batteries will slowly lose their capacity to hold voltage as they get older. Environmental damage can expedite this process. Make sure you are always keeping an eye on your battery temperature and watt output. Keep your batteries in a storage area where you often visit and can check for temperature and humidity. Your device will likely control your watt output, but know your stuff. Changing battery types or using old batteries should mean a shift in watt output. Always read the owner’s manual to your devices thoroughly and be well-versed in Ohm’s Law before doing any changes in coils or wires. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to long lasting battery life and a better vaping experience.