WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Draw of a Woman Vaping

Woman Vaping 

When it comes to marketing and advertising vaping products, in order to sell more, you’ve to know what attracts people to buy them, even if they aren’t smokers to begin with. The vaping industry, which’s trying to become more popular, knows that in order to get people talking about and buying their products more frequently, they’ve to find a way to draw more customers in or at the very least keep their current ones coming back. That’s why most companies in this industry are aware that sex sells best so it’s really a matter of the better way to try and boost sales. When it comes down to it, by using women in their marketing ads, they attract a large group of men as well as women. 

It’s obvious that in today’s times, especially in the hip-hop industry, the videos that display the sexual images of beautiful women are what have the ability to draw a person into watching, inevitably listening to the song and possibly becoming a fan. When you incorporate that idea into a different industry it can have a very similar effect, and that’s what the vaping industry’s trying to achieve. It’s more attractive and appealing to men when they see advertisements with women vaping as they’ll remember that brand the next time they go out looking to buy an e-cigarette, MOD or any other vaping device out there. Using women to market vaping can even allow more females to feel comfortable with the idea of trying out vaping for themselves and help them feel more confident in how they’ll look doing it. The reverse psychology effect of advertising.

Although this technique of marketing advertisements does work well, it’s also giving off the wrong impression to some people, and it’s taking the vaping industry in a different direction. Some might get the wrong idea of what vaping is really for and are getting the impression that it’s something that makes you look sexy or cool so to speak. While vaping first started off as an activity that’s simply designed to help people live a better lifestyle by eliminating the habit of smoking real cigarettes from their lives, it’s actually becoming something that’s being used for the wrong reasons because it’s being promoted the wrong way.

In the end, there needs to be an equal balance between promoting it from a sex sells side and advertising it on a better alternative side.