WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Top 3 May E-Liquids from My Freedom Smokes

 Top 3

E-liquids are like your favorite seasonal coffee or teas, and just like these flavors your e-juice should complement the mood of the season. May is here and spring has sprung, needless to say it is high time you upgrade your e-liquid collection to fit the mood. When you think of spring flavors think of warm breezes, tropical rainy days and delicious fruity flavors. Here we will discover the top 3 e-liquid flavors that will make this may taste amazing. 

Slushie Max
When you think about the gorgeous days of May, imagine the the warm breezes you feel on the ferris wheel at a street carnival. What can cool you off and make your day like an ice cold Slurpee? Slushie Max e-liquid is the perfect May vape, for days spent just relaxing in the beautiful weather or kicking it with friends at a backyard cookout. The sweet berry blend and icy punch finish, will leave you feeling like you just left the convenience store slush machine all day. Be careful this e-liquid is hard to put down and easy to love. 

Old-Timey Bubblegum
School is almost out and there is nothing like the taste of sweet classic bubble gum to bring you back to simpler times. This sweet simple flavor with remind you of the study halls, detentions and sweet schoolhouse romances of your past. This e-liquid smell as good as it tastes, so don't forget what your teacher always said "Don't take it out unless you've got enough for everybody!"

This Peach e-liquid is the perfect flavor to kick off the warmer months, and this May peach is going to be a great vape to tote around everywhere you go. The light fresh flavor of this e-liquid is sure to please your senses. Peach flavor e-juice is a lovely drip on its own but don't be afraid to mix this with other flavors as well to add a little something special. Peach is a pick for May but it is truly a year round drip. 

Try these great flavors picks for May from My Freedom Smokes and share your thoughts on them, while you're at it, feel free to suggest other delicious flavor favorites that you think would be a great all day vape for the month of May.