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The Top 10 Vape Girls on Instagram and YouTube

beautiful girl vaping

It's high time we gave a salute to some of the beautiful women helping to get vapes into the mainstream

Vaping has taken the world by storm through a variety of media channels, not the least of which is social media. Whether it's vape shows and competitions streamed in 1080p via YouTube, lengthy product discussions on Reddit or live tweets from an expo on Twitter, social media has really helped put vaping on the map. But none do it quite like vape girls do on Instagram; using creativity, curves and raw appeal to bring stunning visuals and in-depth product information to tens (and in some cases hundreds) of thousands of vapers daily. And it only takes them minutes at a time to do so!

There's no awareness campaign like a social media awareness campaign. It wasn't long ago people had to comb Rolodexes on the phone, bust their shoes walking door to door or even hand write hundreds of letters to get a brand moving. Now entire subcultures take off and become the subject of household conversation in a matter of days, given the right social media appeal.

Without further ado, here's our top six brand influencers on Instagram:

7. Camille Winans


@itscamwinans is the VP for Buckshot Vapors and founder of Miss Vapor USA. Camille is from Costa Mesa, California and posts mostly product info, contest updates and funny memes to nearly 62,000 followers daily. And just in case you didn't notice, she doesn't look half bad doing it either!

6. Alli Embers


@alliembers_ is a VGOD affiliate and representative from Boston, Massachusetts with over 19,000 followers. When she isn't promoting vapes and e-liquids across a variety of different lines, she's wowing her followers with vape trick videos and nature shots.

5. Daniella Angueira


@subohm_turtles is a Cuban-American model from Miami, Florida promoting a huge variety of vape products. And we do mean huge; if you decide to join the ranks of Danielle's 63,000 followers, you'll be getting daily info on merchandise, no-nics, salt nics, a ton of e-liquid brands and flavors, and (naturally) vape mods.

4. Zophie Vapes


@zophievapes is a YouTube vlogger from Hallandale Beach, Florida who deserves a mention simply for having the most interactive IG feed among gals that vape. You'll find her page hosting frequent contests among her 90,000 followers for mods, tanks and e-liquids when she isn't reviewing them or doing tricks off them!

3. Pandora Blue


@pandora.blue is a verified, bona fide vape promoter from Orlando, Florida with easily the most followers on this list. Every day over 1.6 million followers get in-depth information on mods, tanks, RDAs and E-Juice from Pandora's account. If you're a new or avid vaper, Pandora's IG will probably keep you up to date on the latest hardware all by itself.

2. Madison Skye


@itsmadisonskye is a brand influencer and barber from Toronto, Canada with over 347,000 followers. Madison's feed is unique in that you don't just get info on products and merchandise; you get info and invites to all the latest vape expos in the great white North as well. While she doesn't have as many followers as some of the other vape girls on the list, hers is definitely the most immersive feed into the vaping subculture.

1. Karma Rx


@karma.rx is a former vape model and Snapchat entrepreneur from Simi Valley, California. She's probably also the only girl on the list who used to work full-time at an actual vape shop! Karma is probably the most recognizable name and face on this list by far, and posts awesome all-around content to over 1.2 million followers a day.

YouTube: Not Just Sexy Vape Girls

If you don't happen to have an IG account, we've still got you covered. YouTube has the distinct advantage of not having Instagram's time restrictions on videos, which provide a whole range of vape content not possible on the latter. Good examples are assembly and product comparison videos, which require much more than a 60 second time cap. We pour heart into our own YouTube channel, and yes you will find smart reviews from women working for us from time to time [Dris, try to find a vid that has a woman from their channel…..also link to one of the main pages in their channel].

The vape scene on YouTube is vibrant and diverse, and not just with eye candy. We're talking gals who vape and provide tons of in-depth reviews, tutorials and unboxing videos for you to check out. The best part? You don't even have to read lengthy photo captions in the process!

Here's a list of our favorite vape girls on YouTube and why you should give them a look:

3. Abby Vapes

abby vapes

Abby is a Twitch streamer from Atlanta, Georgia who's been vaping since 2013 and making great YouTube content since 2014. She runs a fun and informative channel with over 113,500 subscribers, hundreds of videos and nearly 16 million views.

Out of our list of YouTubers, Abby's is the most beginner-friendly channel by a stretch. She provides plenty of tutorial, troubleshooting and tips videos for the uninitiated, as well as a special Abby Hour Vapecast to discuss how-tos and wicking techniques with her subscribers. There's also discussions about vaping as a hobby, unboxing videos and plenty of humor to go around. If you're just getting started, definitely check Abby's channel out. Who knows, you might even learn a trick or two while you watch!

2. Tia Vapes

tia vapes

Tia is a YouTuber and die-hard Harry Potter fan from Leavenworth, Washington whose channel maintains a current overview of the vape market. With a channel that can single-handedly keep vapers up-to-date with reviews and comparisons of all the latest products, Tia has built up a following of over 153,000 subscribers and 24 million views.

Tia's channel is as unique as it is informative; with promos and giveaways on top of hundreds of reviews. There's a great variety of guests as well (seemingly a different guest every video) with expertise, tips and recommendations of their own.

1. Zophie Vapes

zophie vapes

You read that right; of all the vape girls on this list, Zophie is the only one with large followings on both Instagram and YouTube. Because Zophie is primarily a vlogger, her YouTube channel sees considerably more content than her IG feed at over 273,000 subscribers and 30 million views.

Zophie's channel features a series of highly detailed coil building tutorials. It also covers a smorgasbord of sub-ohm tanks, RDAs and box mods. Zophie takes requests, which gives her channel a much more interactive community compared to straight review channels that act as shopper's guides. She is also known for her honest, impartial product reviews and Zophielicious, her personal line of e-liquids.

Support Your Favorites

Whether you want condensed content on the go or more detailed in-depth material you can refer to in real-time, there are vape girls all over social media putting out quality content. If you partake in some of the promos, giveaways and contests the girls are putting on, you might even score a new box mod!

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