WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Choosing My Freedom Smokes E-Liquids and More



Before talking about MyFreedomSmokes in great detail, one must first note the efficiency of their website. Each product category, from essentials like tanks, batteries and coils to mixing supplies and apparel, is conveniently lined up at the top of the page. A friendly reminder that shipping is free with orders priced over $75 sits invitingly under it. This is a far cry from the days of the small one man shop, where fifty people would be sitting around with dead e-cigs because the chargers were taking longer to ship than the rest of the materials. This site's designed to get the consumer anything and everything that they need in a single visit that its completed as fast as possible. 

Now, let's really dive in to the e-liquids, which are remarkably accurate in their flavorings. Competing brands dessert and fruit flavors have a tendency to taste artificial, a waxy, chemical version of the actual taste. Banana, a e-cig flavor that has never tasted like anything except a Now-Or-Later, was nuanced and surprisingly tasted more like the fruit itself than its candy counterpart. With the exception of banana, I don't mind if my nicotine vapor tastes like fruit candy. Still, the natural flavor of My Freedom Smokes' cherry, apple and grape flavors were a welcome change. 

For the e-liquid connoisseur, SubJuice Premium Max VG and Cloud Sauce Max VG are two essential tools for optimal vaping enjoyment.

Dripping has become a movement in Portland, OR and in Hawaii, with both types of My Freedom Smokes premium vegetable glycerins making appearances in recent cloud-chasing competitions. During a particular semi-final match in Pearl City, HI, the eventual winner of the competition blew a massive plume of Toasty Cinnamon, inspiring both awe and gnawing hunger in the audience and judges. This left-field flavor was rumored to have swayed the judges, who after the bout immediately asked the competitor what it was. The competitor then told them two more names, one of them being OTT Cloud Sauce Max VG, and invited them to guess which was which in the final round.

I'd like to cap this one off by sharing some of the cool stuff I found in the clearance section: Clearomizers, atomizers, Ego batteries, all at 50% off. The vapist on a budget shouldn't have to leave empty-handed. Hail MFS!