WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How Do You Use a Haka Tester for Your Vaping Device?

A Haka device is an electronic cigarette meter that’s placed between your battery and mod. It tests the resistance, battery voltage, and wattage of your vaping device. The Red colored LED light will show the voltage. The Yellow LED displays resistance. The Green is for wattage. 

The best advantage for this device is that it’ll test your ohms and check for bad coils or heads. This will help you to know what part to replace instead of having to throw out the whole electronic cigarette. That would mean losing money and your chance at quitting smoking.


The Quick Basics

An electronic cigarette is a device that heats liquid nicotine into vapor to be inhaled. It’s made to simulate smoking tobacco. Most people use them in an effort to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. The hit most determines the success of an e-cigarette.


Haka Tester Directions:

Step 1: Screw the tester onto the atomizer. 

Step 2: Screw the tester onto your ego/510 or 901/808 Mod.

Step 3: Turn on your e-cigarette.

Step 4: Push and hold the button you press to fire up you e-cigarette. The Haka will begin to run through all the required test settings. It’ll display the voltage, resistance, and wattage. 


Explanation of Voltage, Resistance, and Wattage

Resistance measure power restriction: A low resistance atomizer would have a 1.5 ohms of resistance and a higher one might have around 3.0. Average resistance is 2.5 ohms. If you compliment this with a standard 3.7 volt e-cig battery, it can produce results close to 5.5 watts of power to ensure a successful hit to your e-cigarette.

Wattage (Watts) describes the amount of power being delivered. The more wattage often offers a more flavorful vapor. If it’s too high, it can result in a burning taste as a result of the liquid vaporizing faster than it’s being fed to the heating coil. Having the right wattage will determine the hit you take. To a vaping user this is important.

Voltage measures the rate that the power flows. Standard e-cigs offer 3.7 volts. The overall Volts determine the satisfaction you’re getting with your electronic cigarette. If you have one and you aren’t getting the right vaper amounts, or your inhales are lacking, it may be time to invest in a higher voltage vaporizer unit.

These reasons and more are why you need to invest in a Haka tester from My Freedom Smokes. They help you maintain your vaping device, and ensure you’re getting the best you can from it. By having the tester, you’ll be able to see what the problem is, if you have one. And again, if there’s a problem, you can fix it, instead of throwing your entire vaping device away and possibly going back to traditional cigarettes.