WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

My Coil Experience

I’m going to highlight for you my experiences with the different types of coils that were used for these vaping tests I conducted.


Micro Coils: These coils validate to be an above average coil. All the flavors that were tried were pretty much identical as far as flavor potency, description, and general taste. I did find that lighter flavors operated better off of the three dissimilar micro builds I did. I’d suggest this coil to someone just beginning to rebuild as it's the easiest to wrap.


Macro Coils: Shockingly, this was one of the top coils that I tried in terms of the heavy dessert flavors. Run at high watts, these coils do an excellent job of making those bountiful flavors come alive. My hunch for this is due to the large surface area and the high temperature of the coil.


Twisted Coils: In this test I used different fruit flavor e-juices. Each one that was put through the four twisted coils I made was superb. Creamy flavors I contemplate are inclined to lose some flavor on these. However, when I dripped onto the staged twisted coil, the flavor reemerged. If your flavor’s decreasing in your dessert juices, paralleling your twisted coil with some efficient wire of an alike diameter should do the trick.


Parallels: These builds by a wide margin are my favorite out of all the types I tried. The sum of heat and flavor is emulated only by the tremendous amounts of vapor produced by them. Of no importance was the flavor dripped onto the two parallels I constructed for the test because they were simply incredible! The fruit flavors came through just as well as the dessert flavors, only with more power than the other builds I did.


Stovetop Coils: When it comes to dessert flavors, that’s where these coils shined in my view. They cover a large surface area and the ramp up time is extremely brief. The only issue with these are some of the flavors seem to just deteriorate. Dainty flavors are close to subtle in both the coils I built.


Out of these coil tests, the Parallels were #1 across the board. So, can you do a similar test like the one I conducted and let me know what you came up with?